Newham’s keystone cops still behaving antisocially

Newham Council are seldom out of Private Eye’s ‘rotten boroughs’ page, recently over the antics caused by a certain Newham Mayor. But not unknown to Nuts is the Newham family firm, the Corbetts’. Ian “Antisocial” Corbett  is one half of the husband and wife Corbett Councillor double act.

Someone at Newham Council thought it would be a spiffing idea to place Cllr Ian Corbett in charge of the councils very own private police force, originally hand plucked from the councils team of park keepers.

These private police re-branded by the council as the “Community Constabulary” ran into trouble in September 2005, after Newham Councillor Mike Law blew the gaff on the Community Constables.

The investigation revealed that the jumped up park keepers had not surprisingly got too big for their boots, and found that the CC’s had wrongly thought of themselves as real police officers. Some of Newham’s wannbe coppers even started appearing on the streets with the word ‘police’ on their uniforms and illegally arming themselves with batons.

The Allegations relating specifically to officers were:-

  • Unlawful stop and search operations
  • Officers taking the names and addresses of persons stopped without lawful authority
  • Officers carrying illegal and potentially lethal weapons while on duty (ASPs)
  • An officer threatening a member of the public with an ASP
  • An officer (un-named) handcuffing a person in Stratford because the officer was not happy with the way the person spoke to him
  • An officer pursuing a vehicle outside the boundaries of L B Newham
  • An officer harassing his ex-partner whilst on duty and in uniform and co-opting other officers into this harassment

Newham Council seemed more than a little reluctant to publish the full report, but Radical Activist Newham obtained a copy, which can be downloaded as a Word document here.

It seems the power, and no doubt the fancy uniform is still going to some of the CC’s heads, as an FOI placed by Mike Law has been answered today (view here). The FOI reveals that since March of this year there have been 7 incidents of Newhams very own keystone cops being reported to the Metropolitan Police Service relating to False Representation. Two of these incidents resulted in two of the plastic park keepers being arrested.

Ahh well, it seems there’s some truth in the saying ‘power corrupts’ or maybe they’re just over compensating because their truncheons aren’t big enough



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