Westminster Councillor Lee Rowley brings his special magic to community services

Lee Rowley

Lee Rowley

We knew it wouldn’t be long before we saw the return of bungling Westminster Councillor Lee Rowley, who after his disastrous attempt to introduce Sunday and weekday evening parking charges was shifted to council cabinet member for community services.  It must have been hoped he could not be any further menace to the public in the backwater of community services.


Yet he’s only managed to award a nice fat voluntary support contract to a company that also has a division to help supply guns, tanks and bombs around the world.


Rowley seems surprised that some of the charities which are helping people fleeing persecution from war torn countries are not all that happy with the contract award.


That Lee Rowley, he’s such a trooper isn’t he, please somebody send him to the front line.


Full story:

West End Extra – Authority under fire for ‘arms trade link’ – Critics cite Business & Enterprise Group contract


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Kill SwitchAugust 25th, 2012 at 12:31 am

You’d think he would have waited a little longer before he started fucking up again…………but heh ho, well done Lee.

So it’s confirmed, wankers can’t change their spots….

Joe KingAugust 25th, 2012 at 5:31 pm

So Boy Blunder strikes again! Is this man employed by WCC under some sort of exchange agreement? because I think it’s time the Village had their Idiot back.

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