£11 million bonus bonanza for the UK Border Agency

With long queues of two-and-a-half-hours at Heathrow recently, we thought the passengers might welcome something to read to help while away their time as they wait to get into jolly old Blighty.

Nutsville has learnt through an FOI request (download here) that the UK Border Agency chiefs, (which were described as not fit for purpose by the Commons home affairs committee), have pocketed over £11M in bonuses in just the last three years.

We asked the UK Border Agency for the total amount of payments of bonuses paid to staff for the years 2008/09, 2009/10 and 2010/11.

They eventually came back with the following figures:

Financial year 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11
Total bonus payments £3,469,268.52 £4,098,026.55 £3,538,324.21


Benefits in kind

 We also asked the UK Border Agency for the amounts of ‘benefits in kind’ they had given out over the same years. Benefits in kind are often tax free and include such things as company cars, meals, cash gifts, private medical insurance, relocation fees etc.

The agency were even more reluctant to tell us that information, claiming it was too expensive to provide. An often used excuse when a Government department, or as in this case ‘executive agency’ really doesn’t want to be open and transparent. We have found during the course of a still ongoing much wider investigation, that benefits in kind or perks as we know them, can often be equal or greater than the bonus payments paid out by these quasi government departments.

It seems that although the UK Border Agency may not be able to get the IRIS recognition machines to work, the bonus one arm bandit never fails to payout for them.


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