Like a bad penny Djanogly returns for your money

Warren Djanogly

Warren Djanogly - Foghorn Leghorn

This week former Chairman of the No To Bike Parking Tax (NTBPT) campaign group returned to the campaign pronouncing himself as their Chairman once more.

Djanogly who claimed to have stood down as Chairman after supporter numbers plummeted for his June 2011 M25 bike run, remained just behind the scenes, seen heading up the handful of motorcycle processions the group managed to organise since his fake departure.

Djanogly’s last diva like exit followed his disgrace when being unable to provide audited accounts or even one single receipt for the estimated £90,000 raised for a legal fighting fund. After Nutsville was accused by Djanogly of accepting a bribe from Westminster Council simply because we were not posting due to family bereavements, we revealed details of the alledged thefts and fraud surrounding the NTBPT legal fighting fund.

Djanogly hit back by threatening one of his most loyal supporters with a sham defamation case after serving a Letter before Action on the supporter. In an effort to shut this blog down Djanogly published names of people he thought were behind Nutsville. When all his efforts failed and word of the suspect financial dealings of the campaign funds got around it caused the last M25 demonstration to flop, so Djanogly announced he was standing down as Chairman.

In June 2011 we announced that papers and evidence were being compiled and this evidence would be submitted to the MET Police for criminal prosecution for offences against the Fraud Act 2006 and Theft Act 1968 by Warren Djanogly NTBPT Chairman and NTBPT Committee members (Josef Dunne) Vespa, Latecharlie, Spannermonkey, and BigDave.

That evidence pack was delivered to Charring Cross police station and accepted with a comment from one officer that crime number 6538657/11 looks to be a very high profile case. Four months on and with the case being passed on to Richmond police the investigation continues, with officers having already interviewed former NTBPT committee members.

No doubt not wishing to miss out on the enormous publicity the anti Sunday and weekday evening parking charges campaign group have whipped up, this week Djanogly returns with a long news letter once again claiming two unnamed individuals are working for Westminster Council stating “Getting things wrong seems quite of PLIARge trait. As you know, even his obtaining the services of ex-members to try to subvert our campaign by claiming our trip to Brussels was “a waste of time”” perhaps written in a last desperate effort to try to shut down Nutsville.

It became clear why Djanogly would want to see the back of Nutsville when we learnt that he has been put in charge of fundraising for the anti Sunday & weekday evening car drivers group. It seems having milked the bikers of all their cash a new pot of gold waiting to be plundered has arrived, and plundering pots of gold is so much easier without Nutsville around.

Quite why any campaign group would want to put someone who is under police investigation for fraud and theft in charge of fund raising is beyond us. Let’s hope these funds are not being diverted into a personal bank account as they were with the NTBPT funds.

We doubt the story will end here, as ‘foghorn leghorn’ as we like to call him seems to have quickly returned to his usual ways, revealing the subject of today’s Evening Standard story days before publication on his soap box NTBPT website forum. Hardly the actions of anyone who seriously wishes the media to believe them. We await our very own sham LBA, but it won’t be coming from Djanogly’s former solicitors Crapper & Co who were discharged by Djanogly with outstanding invoices.

Will he ever learn to shut up!

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fartoolateNovember 9th, 2011 at 8:49 pm

Always knew that man was bad.

DerekNovember 9th, 2011 at 10:43 pm

Let’s hope the MET actually get this one right and uphold the law that is there to protect the public from people like Djanogly

MelNovember 10th, 2011 at 10:56 am

Thanks for revealing this Nutsville.

I bet Djanogly had lined up his pal Josef aka Dr Trustme to do their new website as well. I can just imagine how they would have stiffed them for thousands of pounds worth of ‘expenses’. They are bound to both be now dropped like the shits they are.

Gerry RNovember 11th, 2011 at 8:30 pm

Warren Djangoly?

Its like putting a drunk in charge of a pub……

No doubt Lord Bradford is happy for that to occur…..?

PMSLNovember 12th, 2011 at 7:21 pm

Voldermorts BACK!!!!

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