Olympic tourists thought to be criminal party goers and comers

Killjoy Westminster Council officers plan to criminalise residents who rent out their homes to Olympic tourists, claiming the once in a life time Olympic event could damage the longer term rental market.

Rosemarie MacQueen

Rosemarie MacQueen

Rosemarie MacQueen, Westminster Council’s strategic director for the built environment believes residents letting out their homes to Olympic tourists on a short term would mean the Council would never increase its long term residential population.  MacQueen told BBC journalist Guy LynnIf we have short term lets, we’ll never increase our long term residential population”.

There’s no place like home, in Westminster

MacQueen also fears that Olympic tourists may enjoy themselves telling the BBC “They leave litter in the corridors, come and go and have parties“. Tourists coming and going, it’s an outrage. Not only are there concerns that tourist may drop litter and hold parties, but also it seems the Council residents belive some Olympic tourists might be criminals as MacQueen went on to say “There’s a fear of crime, they don’t know the faces of the people who are coming in and a lot of short term residents don’t treat the place like home.”

It’s a pity with all the inconvenience and disruption the Olympic event will cause Londoners that some of them can’t recoup just a little of the extra Olympic tax being added to their council tax bills from the Olympic event. But Ms MacQueen claims that letting out homes in mansion blocks on a short term basis lowers the quality of life for the residents according to her knowledge. It is not expected that any Londoners will have their quality of life lowered by the introduction of Olympic V.I.P lanes, which come with a £200 fine for setting foot in one, let alone the sin if making eye contact with a Russian oligarch as his limo swishes past you whilst you wait for a bus.

Any residents caught renting out their homes for less than 90 days without applying for rarely given planning approval from Westminster Council could face a fine of up to £20,000 and a criminal record for good measure. The conviction will bar their entry to the USA, a privilege Ms MacQueen herself would be reluctant to give up.

To help keep the residents of Westminster in check Cllr Melvyn Caplan, recently approved the appointment of a senior planning enforcement officer at a cost of £43,000 per year. This was after a six week pilot scheme of patrols run in the evenings on the Edgware Road. Perhaps during the Olympics Westminster Council could order a blanket curfew coupled with a blackout to help highlight any rogue home owners holding impromptu parties.


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Mark SaundersSeptember 28th, 2011 at 11:24 pm

Hang on, “our” population? I thought she lives out in Leytonstone.

SForemanSeptember 30th, 2011 at 12:57 am

But it’s just a one-off rare short term event! People will be escaping the city centre, which will be a nightmare to live in for the duration, and just taking the opportunity to cover the cost of staying elsewhere and making some quids extra towards their pensions, new energy saving boiler, or whatever. Far better to deal properly with the real ongoing problem of short-term lettings that drive their residential neighbours crazy with noise and chaos.

hugh janusFebruary 16th, 2012 at 5:07 pm

total bitch! so let me get this right, we paid for the olympics, we can’t get tickets for the olympics (and if you were one of the lucky few, you get no discount being a resident even though you paid for it to happen) and then you can’t rent your house if you want to fuck off for 2 weeks to get away from it.

I fart in her general direction

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