Case being prepared for MET Police to consider criminal prosecution against NTBPT committee and chairman

Yesterday Nutsville learnt that Warren Djanogly No To Bike Parking Tax  (NTBPT) Chairman has issued a Letter Before Action (LBA) to one of the NTBPT’s staunchest supporters ( view LBA). In Djanogly’s LBA he claims that a post on his forum was designed to cause him and his family maximum distress. Although Nutsville notes the forum post has not caused enough distress for Djanogly to remove it from his own forum, even though he has removed other posts. ( view original post )

Djanogly goes to state in the LBA that he has never received any request from NTBPT campaigners to see the campaigns accounts.

Djanogly’s LBA ends with a request from Crapper & Co for £1000 for Djanogly to consider his legal position.

Nutsville believes we can help Djanogly consider his legal position for a lot less than £1000 and find answers to some unanswered questions.

Therefore papers and evidence are being compiled and will shortly be submitted to the MET Police for criminal prosecution for crimes against the Fraud Act 2006 and Theft Act 1968 by Warren Djanogly NTBPT Chairman and NTBPT Committee members (Josef Dunne) Vespa, Latecharlie, Spannermonkey, and BigDave.

Last night Djanogly was again asked face to face by Mr Jones where the accounts were. To which Djanogly replied “sue me”. As Djanogly has stated this week that he will also be taking legal action against Mr Jones he also asked where his LBA was. Djanogly said that it was in the pipe line and then rode off.

Nutsville has not yet received an LBA from Djanogly and neither has Mr Jones.

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