NTBPT Chairman Warren Djanogly new fund raiser idea, sue his own supporters.

Nutsville has learnt that the increasingly delusional Chairman of the No To Bike Parking Tax (NTBPT) campaign Warren Djanogly has found a new use for his supporters donations. Today  Djanogly removed all threads from the NTBPT forum which asked questions about the campaign donation funds.

Djanogly and his committee had lied to supporters, claiming funds were held in a solicitors account and everything was above board. Nutsville revealed that this was far from true as funds were being channelled to Djanogly’s ‘special friend’ (Josef Dunn) who lives in Greece. Djanogly has so far reneged on his promise to produce receipts to show where the supporters funds had been spent. He later admitted to having used supporters funds for ‘other things’!.

Now Warren Djanogly has not only banned Mr Graeme Jones from the NTBPT forum but he has also stated he will be taking legal action against him. Indeed Nutsville has learnt that Djanogly has used the NTBPT’s solicitors, Khakhar & Co to issue a multi page Lettter Before Action (LBA) against another long time NTBPT supporter and donator. In the LBA Djanogly cheekily demands £1000 to stop his legal action. It’s just about the money with Djanogly who only in this weeks campaign news finally revealed his long held plans to make money out of the supporters hard work.

As Djanogly has claimed to have no money and be safe from any awards for costs against him resulting from the two failed High Court cases, Nutsville wonders if Djanogly is using some of the supporters own money donated to the NTBPT legal fund to sue his own supporters.

With Djanogly intending to send an LBA to the only person who is holding Westminster Council to account in Europe (Mr Graeme Jones) discussions are underway proposing to withdraw the whole case against the British Government and let the few remaining trolls over at NTBPT cobble together their own case.

As yet Nutsville has not received an LBA but if we do wonder if it will be from the same solicitors which lost two hearings for Djanogly in the High Courts. Nothing for us to be concerned about then.

It’s a great pity that Djanogly doesn’t have any money because if he did he wouldn’t be Chairman of the NTBPT, as he explains in the email to a supporter he was trying to squeeze an extra few quid out of that he would be happy paying Westminster Councils £1 per day parking charge.

Makes you wonder why the NTBPT supporters have a Chairman that actually wouldn’t mind paying the bike parking tax doesn’t it?

Email from Djanogly 5th March 2011

If they win, they will be entitled to seek costs for both hearings. The first one was £60,000 which they have tried to pursue me for, but knew they’d have to wait once we got permission to appeal.

Therefore, the total costs for both hearings will be £100,000+. I had to put my name in the hat because if we had done it collectively ie we put everyone who donated down as taking what would be deemed a “Class Action”, they could have come after everyone to get back that £100,000+

Better they chase one (and get nowhere since I simply don’t have such money) then allow them to fuck loads of us as well.

If I did have such money, do you think I’d give a shit about paying £1 per day to park my bike??

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