From a moral point of view is just inexcusable on any level Part one

It was very interesting to read the comments to our last post where the expected small band of No To Bike Parking Tax (NTBPT) forum trolls came back, (some several times), to give us the benefit of their opinion. Perhaps this is what’s known by Mr Djanogly, the chairman of the NTBPT as the ˜treatment“. Djanogly, claimed he would say no more publicly on the issues (see last post letter 22 Mar 2011 “I have absolutely no intention of making any public response” yet he just could not resist saying more in his “rebuttal 29-Mar-2011″ publicly posted on the NTBPT forum. Which again ended saying he will be saying no more publicly on the issues we raise.

So with Djanogly openly calling for us to continue with what he has taken to be allegations, we publish this post (part 1).

So what about those allegations, they were in fact just questions, such as when are the audited accounts for the collection of funds for the legal case going to be published? This question most would think would be quite a reasonable question, as time after time Djanogly has said he will be publishing the accounts.  Even in MAGs own magazine The Road he was quoted as saying he would be publishing all the invoices for the legal fees ( view source ).

We doubt any of you will ever see full detailed audited accounts which show not only how much and to who monies have been paid which are backed up by receipts let alone details of cash and paypal donations. Why, well the few figures regarding legal expenses that Djanogly has published since our last post simply don’t add up. Not only do they not add up but we don’t think they are even accurate. For example how do you come to pay someone a fee if you are also saying it is being done on a no win no fee basis? Surely as there has been no win there can be no fee?

But as Djanogly has said in our last post that he “never bullshit; spin; deliberate misrepresent or even gloss over anything to do with the campaign or its administration” we do wonder why he has not told his supporters who gave donations outside City Hall leaving their names and email contact details why he can never publish the details of that fundraising protest. He can’t, simply because we have been told there is no complete record of those donators with the papers having been lost long ago.

When the NTBPT and its Chairman started to raise legal funds it was made very clear that the monies you were donating were to go only towards the legal fund. But some of our readers have even doubted that was ever said, so as NTBPT themselves say on their website “But wait, as this fund is purely for a legal challenge, when we win, we will be entitled to costs. So, even if you find £10 a hard amount to donate, there’s the real possibility that you could be getting it back (view saved copy )

At no point until after Nutsvilles post did the NTBPT ever tell it’s donators that there had been a change of plan, and that some of your money was being diverted to pay for “other things”. Many will say they don’t care if their money went on printing or petrol, and neither would Nutsville. But we do care that this change of policy was never put to the supporters as some of those supporters who are less vocal than the usual trolls will care about where their money went.

It seemed at one point that even one of the NTBPT committee members cared very strongly that money had been diverted, saying “I will allow him one penny to go on other things but that’s all the rest has to have gone to the legal fund or I will challenge Djanogly. Haven’t you ever heard of the phrase give a man enough rope, look you know he’s character flawed and dictatorial” said NTBPT forum user and committee member Spannermonkey.

The NTBPT committee and Djanogly were as clear as mud about where and how donated funds would be dealt with as stated on their FAQ page under the section named Where is my Fighting Fund donation going to? (view saved page source ).

“All monies are being held by our solicitor/lawyer, NONE of the money is going to an individuals bank account, this is all above board and legal.” Nutsville especially likes the use of bold type for the word ‘none’.

Really? because in his ‘rebuttle’ letter Djanogly confesses to what had been going on saying “Josef, who had built & managed the whole NTBPT website & forum, offered his own Paypal account as a collection point, downloading the donations to his own bank account before transferring them to the campaign’s.

“Unfortunately, his new client reneged on paying Josef, who then rapidly developed a cashflow deficit. The resultant overdraft stalled the transfer of a final tranche of Paypal legal funds to the fund’s bank account.”.

But at the time Josef Dunne was telling Djanogly that he was simply waiting for a new bank card to be able to transfer the funds, fund which supporters were being told were safe in a solicitor’s bank account.

So for perhaps the first time the NTBPT supporters learn from Djanogly’s rebuttal that contrary to what they were being told officially on the NTBPT website their donations were submitted first to a personal PayPal account belonging to a man living in Greece, who then would transfer funds from that account to his own bank account. From that personal bank account the funds (his overdraft and contactability permitting ) would be transferred to a account run by the NTBPT. But again even that is not correct even though in Djanogly’s rebuttal letter he suggested in this sentence “bank account before transferring them to the campaign’s.” that funds end up in a bank account run by the NTBPT .

But Djanogly’s account wasn’t an account set up in his name on behalf of the NTBPT as he seems to try to suggest in his newsletters:

Campaign newsletter 25-Jan-2010

“Donating direct is free and can be done to A/c No 11411047, Sort Code 40-02-35 -- Name of A/c “Warren Djanogly NTBPT

As things got more desperate and not enough money was coming in by November Djanogly had to reveal the real name of the bank account being used as people were complaining they could not donate:

Campaign newsletter 16-Nov-2010

“we need your £10 to Warren Djanogly NTBPT (or Tangier Management should your internet banking suggest it doesn’t recognise the account name) Sort Code 40-02-35, A/c 11411047, and let’s try to realise that £20k total before the end of the year“.

But hang on lets just take that in, why do two different bank accounts (Warren Djanogly NTBPT and Tangier Management )have the same account number? Because they don’t it is just one account with the name of Tangier Management or Warren Jonathan Djanogly.

Then by 5-Apr-2011 ( Amount in the bank source ) Djanogly also finally tells his supporters that far from NONE of the supporters money is sitting in a personal bank account he has £6,600 in bank accounts:

“Of the £28k we have transferred £21,400 to Khakhar & Co, leaving a balance of £6,600 for which £4,800 is in the bank account & £1,800 is in the Paypal account.”

But don’t you worry dear readers because as the NTBPT say on their website everything is above board. Above board maybe, but what gave us further concerns is that name ‘Tangier Management’ and it’s one of the reasons we think you will never see detailed audited accounts. You see on the 30-Jun-2004 Warren Djanogly was appointed as a consultant director of his company Tangier Management Services Ltd., (view source ) A company which was dissolved and struck off under the Companies Act 1985 under section 652(5) on the 3-Oct-2006 (view source ) The relevancy of Djanogly’s company being dissolved under section 652(5) of the 1985 Companies Act is that all the property of that company are devolved to the Crown or the duchies of Cornwall or Lancaster.  So was it such a good idea for Djanogly to have put the supporters funds in a bank account with the same name as his dissolved company if all that money could be seized by the Government, because that’s what he’s saying in the Campaign newsletter 16-Nov-2010?

Do you think this is a one off, think again. There are also things in Djanogly’s past that give us further concerns over his ability to make wise judgments and manage money.

In 1995 Djanogly set up Ital Cars ltd, in fact he was the financial director.

Ital Cars was described as a new, U.K.-based company created by entrepreneur Warren Djanogly, which also launched a direct sales web site for its first car, the Jou Jou. Designed as a “bespoke” or made-to-order vehicle, the Jou Jou starts as a bare-bones car. Customers can then choose their own features, such as upholstery, colors, accessories and right- or left-hand steering columns. Ital Cars was planning the Jou Jou”s official launch on Feb. 21 during London”s Fashion Week.

David Vincent of the Observer said about the Jou Jou “The car is the invention of Warren Djanogly, of Ital Cars, who developed it as ”a fun, fair-weather run-around, perfect for the beach, the south of France and the British summer”. Its design owes much to the Fiat 500 of the Fifties and Sixties.”

It’s design did owe a lot to the Fiat 500 as Djanogly’s invention looks a lot like a Fiat Jolly ( ) a car which has been around since the 50′s.

fiat 500 jolly

fiat 500 jolly

Business correspondent Richard Sherriff gave his opinion about Djanogly’s ‘invention’ as “PROVING once again that there is indeed nothing new under the sun, Your Wheels proudly presents the JouJou. Warren Djanogly is to be congratulated for reviving a splendid device of virtually no useful purpose except to be laughed at or admired in roughly equal measure. In fact, you can actually drive around in one if you have the cojones for the job and pounds 10,500 to spare. For that you get well, let”s see… an engine, four wheels; five if you count the one to steer with and some wooden seats that look like they were stolen at four in the …”.

One thing is true and that is Djanogly is consistent coming from a directorship in Ivy League Distributors Ltd (02847582), another dissolved company. But there can’t be many successful entrepreneurs who hit gold first time.

A little more than a glitch

This brings us back to the managing of the legal funds and the near loss of the campaign. In our last post we publish an open email where Djanogly seems to brush aside Josef’s behaviour as merely a glitch “As you all know, the only glitch we had during the collection process for the first hearing was a regrettable incident with Josef’s personal banking arrangements that created a delay in our receiving one tranche received via Paypal.”

But even a member of his own committee (Big Dave) said this about this so called ‘glitch’ “As Nathen says though if this were to come out the campaign would be torpedoed“.

Disbelievers reading this will want to see proof of how bad things were when Josef Dunne ( Vespa ) chose to run away and leave the supporters on the verge of losing their website along with any cash he had collected from the supporters in his personal bank accounts, so you can read Djanogly’s own words in an email sent to Josef (view source ) If you wish to read more of our appraisal which Djanogly asked us for here that is ( ) If you bother to read our appraisal you will learn that this was not the first time the campaign website had been in peril. It was Nutsville that warned Djanogly of the precarious nature of his IT. It was Nutsville that rescued control of the soon to expire domain names. And it was nutsville who provided the Torytax site and server space to keep a forum going the last time the NTBPT lost their forum. It was during that time that IT professional Josef had to admit to the supporters he had kept no proper backups, and if anyone had a cached page could they let him have a copy, don’t believe us then read this (view source ).

Regaining control of the NTBPT website and it’s domain names was no easy task, especially when Josef was accessing Djanogly own private email account and changing back the passwords for himself (view source )

Mailchip is the online mailing list company the NTBPT people use to send out their newsletters. Josef had claimed he needed access to Mailchimp as he had client lists still on there, but Big Dave later confirmed there were none.

But no doubt the trolls over at NTBPT still doubt that at the time of all this, Warren had real concerns over losing all of the IT. Those trolls may be interested to read this chat script between Djanogly and Josef Dunne especially Djanogly’s opinion back then of people who take money from the legal fund where he says “the notion of taking money from effectively a “charity” fund, from a moral point of view is just inexcusable on any level“. That’s an important sentence as you will see later. But read this chat script but it does contain strong language:

In the above chat script professional IT guru Josef claims that paying money to change the legal owners name at Nominet (the UK government appointed naming authority) is a scam or at least a waste of money. News for him is that the Nominet rules have not changed since 1996, and they are the only ones who can change the legal owners name for a domain name which ends in .uk. Other news for him might be that putting false contact details in for the address of a UK domain name is liable to get that domain name suspended. Nominet do offer a free service to UK individuals who want to keep their address details private, but he would know that already wouldn’t he, being such a wiz at IT?

Interestingly Josef offers Djanogly a screen shot of his bank account, but hang on isn”t he also claiming to be waiting for a bank card to be able to log on to the account.

In case you’re wondering if Josef did steel the money, in this second chat script the NTBPT’s less than honourable IT guru says: “i spent some of it, but I have topped it back up again the past 2 weeks“.

That’s often called dipping isn’t it?

Infamy, infamy

What is disappointing is that this chat script reveals perhaps the true views Djanogly has of his most solid supporters. In this case Pepsi (now shoeshine) who he described to Nutsville as a backstabber, and in this chat script he says of Pepsi “Have got the M25 run to promote as well as Nth Circ Run which has been (piss-poorly) organised behind my back by Pepsi“.

We would like to draw your attention to our concerns over why we think Josef was using supporters money to fund his own web business. The NTBPT website was hosted on what is called a virtual server, which allowed Josef to host not just the NTBPT website but also a number of his own sites which presumably he was charging his own clients for. This became clear when after the hosting company suspended his account because of the allegations of defamation made by Westminster Councils head of legal, Peter Large, notice that all of Josef”s websites went down. Which is why he was going bonkers that his clients sites were down, and perhaps why he was so reluctant to let anyone have the log on details for NTBPT.

Look carefully at the so called accounts that Djanogly posted today. You may notice there is a regular payment of £24.74 being taken from the supporters legal fund. You know the fund that was only supposed to be used for legal fees.

Now take a look at this hosting receipt,( ) oh dear it’s for exactly £24.74

Does that mean that not only were your funds used to provide a free overdraft facility but also to fund Josef”s web hosting company?

Lastly we were sent some tweets which expected us to answer questions which were impossible to do in a 140 character tweet, so because of that we were sent this “You refuse to answer a question you CAN answer.Just like a corrupt, obstinate politician, dodging the question.”

So we asked that person a question back today “@OgrihatesChalky I know you can”t answer q’s about why we have no accounts, but perhaps U might know why Mr Webb got £2000 of the legal fund“.

As yet we have not had a reply, funny that OgrihatesChalkly considers us corrupt, but to answer one of his questions from last night, here is the reason we left the NTBPT campaign group:

Nutsville leaving the NTBPT forum was described by some as flouncing off, but if you read the above it was nothing of the sort, perhaps people should not judge others by their own low morals.

Djanogly has since claimed he has no idea why Nuts left, so just to guide him back to the path of truth:

Part two will be posted as soon as we get time, as we have shed loads still to reveal, just remember what Djanogly said he “never bullshit; spin; deliberate misrepresent or even gloss over anything to do with the campaign or its administration”.

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