Djanogly’s words are not worth the air into which they are uttered

The Chairman of the No To Bike Parking Tax (NTBPT) Warren Djanogly and his committee has recently restated that Nutsville and Mr Graeme Jones have done a deal with Westminster City Council. Warren Djanogly, the No To Bike Parking Tax (NTBPT) committee and its supporters point to the fact that Nutsville removed all of its earlier posts leaving only the posts relating to Djanogly’s mismanagement of the campaign. This according to the few asinine forum trolls that are left blindly following Warren Djanogly is the only proof they need to convince them of our collusion with the dark forces at Westminster City Council.

There has now been a recent post ( view here ) on the NTBPT forum under the username of Soothsayer, which claimed to be written by a Westminster Council employee. The post which has the grubby paw prints of Djanogly all over it, from the childish name calling to Djanogly’s much over used signature phrase ‘back stabber’ liberally peppered throughout the post.  Djanogly has previous form for doing this using the forum usernames Napoleon and JouBoy, just to our knowledge.

Because Warren Djanogly and his NTBPT trolls chose to attack Nutsville’s integrity with vile unfounded accusations of doing a deal with WCC it was decided our help was clearly no longer wanted by the NTBPT supporters. So we removed our previous postings from our site. Yet with the backing of Warren Djanogly and the NTBPT committee those poisonous little trolls continued accusing Nutsville of making a deal, of selling out to Westminster City Council just because we are under threat of expensive High Court action being taken against Nutsville. Warren Djanogly is now using the forum username of Soothsayer as his latest nom de plume to attack Nutsville with.

Because integrity is worth more than money to Nutsville we have decided the only way we can prove our integrity to the small minded moronic sheep still swallowing the venomous lies spewing from Warren Djanogly is to republish all of the old Nutsville posts. Including all of the previously lies, accusations that publicity seeking Warren Djanogly has said in the name of the NTBPT committee and its supporters.

We hope to have fully restored the Nutsville website without redactions along with a more detailed post detailing our actions before the end of this week. We have no intention of continuing our development of Nutsville thereafter.

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