Detrimental Allegations by the NTBPT chairman, Warren Djanogly

On the 1st of July 2009 the anti motorcycle and scooter parking tax campaign group the NTBPT (No To Bike Parking Tax) started their first collection for a legal fighting fund to attempt to overturn Westminster City Council’s policy decision to charge for on street motorcycle parking. We described the beginning of the fund raising aims in a July 2009 Nutsville post .

Since then the NTBPT group after having lost the first high court case needed to raise further funds to appeal the decision. At present everyone awaits the outcome of that appeal and Nutsville hopes that common sense will prevail and that the judges will overturn the original decision, and this could be announced with the next couple of weeks.

Nutsville was concerned to learn of the reaction of the NTPBT Chairman, Warren Djanogly and its committee to requests from their own members, simply requesting to view the campaign accounts. Below are two emails sent from the NTPBT Chairman, Warren Djanogly to Nutsville accusing us of making allegations. No allegations have ever been made by Nutsville or Mr Jones.

Nutsville is a blog which has featured many posts holding to account those who put themselves in a position of responsibility of governance of public money, whoever they maybe. After such a length of time it is perfectly reasonable for members of the NTPBT campaign group to request to see how their money has been spent. The publication of the accounts is also something that the Chairman, Warren Djanogly of the NTPBT has claimed was imminent many times in the past however to date no accounts have ever been published.

If it were not so sick and offensive to Nutsvile personally (more on this later), Mr Djanogly’s emails would warrant a clarification on reality vs dreams. Such as the one illustrated by Father Ted to Dougal.

Although we were tempted to examine and comment to almost every line and accusation, we feel our readers will be so surprised at the reaction of Mr Warren Djanogly’s emails sent on behalf of the NTPBT and its supporters, our readers will easily come to their own conclusions having digested the two emails copied below.

It is disappointing that the NTBPT committee did not ‘stand up and be counted’ on behalf of their membership.  If as the NTBPT Chairman suggests in his second email that an unknown amount of the funds donated or loaned (Lend Me a Tenner campaign) intended only for the campaigns legal fees have been diverted to pay for other expenses, then it is the NTBPT committee which can be held equally liable, along with the Chairman. After all this would not be the first time the NTBPT committee had been put in legal jeopardy with regards to the actions and words of the NTBPT Chairman, Mr Djanogly. It should be noted that the NTBPT committee were copied in these emails and have chosen not to personally comment, despite their members requesting the committee to comment on their forum.

You should consider just for a moment what the NTBPT group and indeed ourselves would be saying if it were Westminster Council who reacted to a request to view their accounts in this way?

The question asked of Warren Djanogly Chairman of NTBPT by his members still remains unanswered.


Email from Warren Djanogly  Chairman of NTBPT

To NTBPT Committee, Mr Jones, Nutsville & unknown others

Mon, 21 Mar 2011 14:38

Detrimental Allegations of the NTBPT campaign by ex-members

I am afraid I need to make you all aware of an unfortunate situation regarding these two ex-members, and would ask for your comments on the best way forward.

You will all be aware that these two, whilst being very active campaigners against WCC & the MCS, both, at separate times, and for reasons never made clear to me, denounced any further affiliation to the NTPBT Campaign itself.

Like many others before, including JBond and even Leon Mannings, their decision to leave to pursue either their own lines of attack or to merely cease being active were personal decisions that I had no other choice than to respect WITHOUT question. Unfortunately, it would now appear that said respect is not being returned, insofar as, whilst rightly feeling unbeholden to us with regards their own activities, apparently we are still beholden to them with regards ours.

Yesterday (Sunday), a call was received by Ronan from Steve Baker aka “Bald Eagle”, who has maintained communications with both of them through the NoToMob, claiming that:-
“Because I had failed to publish the “accounts” for NTBPT – they were going to “expose the campaign by going to the press”,
whatever that means.

It is important to state here that I later spoke directly with Steve, and to be fair to both individuals, what has been relayed is, at this stage, simply Steve’s interpretation.

That said, it would seem to imply that my putting my own, and my young family’s financial well-being on the line is not enough for some people. Thankfully, my self-imposed stipulation to never bullshit; spin; deliberate misrepresent or even gloss over anything to do with the campaign or its administration for one very simple reason:- I simply do not have the mental capacity to remember what was said, or supposed to be said to whom allows my to confidently assure that this threat is totally  unmeritorious.

Conversely, to my mind, this immediately raises alot of questions, as follows:-
1) Why did they not make their allegations directly to me, instead approaching Ronan through Steve Baker?
2) What on earth could make 2 individuals, who have clearly revoked their association with us, think that they can demand that we have to do anything, to a point of seeming to blackmail us? I certainly don’t remember insisting that they divulge any of their own activities, or more crucially, the results of any of the same, even when work & investigations would obviously be duplicated.
3) Exactly how would the challenging the validity of the MCS in any way; shape; or form benefit by their “exposure” of anything detrimental of the NTBPT Campaign or any of its members?
4) Is history repeating itself? (I will explain later in this piece)

In response, and fully confident that this campaign has nothing to hide, I have formally invited them through Steve, (and herein by copying them in) to set out all their allegations in a letter that I will publish on our website & forum totally un-edited. NB:- if anyone has more updated email addresses for either Graeme or Nathen, can they forward this email to them.

As to the “accounts” of NTBPT – not that they are of any concern to those so markedly outside the campaign – I have always intended to publish copies of the bank statements (with certain names of donaters who wished to remain anonymous obliqued) together with copies of all the lawyers & barristers’ invoices & statements. Further, I had intended to ask LDN1702, an accountant by trade, to audit the same to vouch for the figures. Suffice to say, those who attended both hearings witnessed the huge bundles of papers collated by our legal team thereby justifying the legal costs.

As you all know, the only glitch we had during the collection process for the first hearing was a regrettable incident with Josef’s personal banking arrangements that created a delay in our receiving one tranche received via Paypal. When we discussed this, the Committee was agreed that, should the funds be realised, the exceptionally valuable contribution made by Josef with regards not only building & running the website, but also his running of all the IT should not be trashed by his temporarily “going off the rails”.

Is History Repeating Itself?
As I have hopefully conveyed, I am at a loss to understand what these two hoped to gain either personally or for their own campaigns by besmirching NTBPT.

The simple fact is that there could only be one winner in such a scenario, and that is WCC, whose press department would fly into overdrive. And it is this simple fact that reminded me of another similar incident nigh on 2 years ago concerning another then Committee Member that exposed a well-used tactic by WCC, with certain recent facts leading me to a very personal theory about what is actually happening, and I’ll reiterate that point – a very personal theory!

Some of you will remember back in the early days of the Committee when I called a vote of confidence in my leadership following a seemingly constant challenging & undermining of any of my suggestions of how to take on WCC by a certain Killian Clissman (whom I am delighted to say has re-appeared at several recent WMBC & WESC meets). However, before making these challenges, he would always let us know of the numerous, and in many instances, lengthy private chats he had been having with Danny Chalkley & Alistair Gilchrist.

At the time, I strenuously counselled against this since, to my mind, trying to play politics with these guys would be akin to challenging Man Utd at football. It wasn’t long before it became all too apparent of the WCC tactic. Having found an amenable ear in Killian, they were forever telling him “what a reasonable guy” he was, and how he was the sort that “they could deal with”. But, crucially, they couldn’t “deal with him” whilst those “un-reasonable” bikers were causing WCC so much public hardship. This line of attack was truly exposed when we forged what was later to prove an invaluable link with the Labour Councillors at WCC. At the time, Killian felt compelled to announce that we should “immediately stop having contact with the Labour Cllrs. Danny has told me that by us making it a political issue, it would only strengthen the resolve of the Tories, and that the Labour lot couldn’t be trusted anyway etc etc”.

You only need look at the information gleaned by our links with Cllrs Dimoldenberg & Boothroyd to see why Danny was paranoid about our dealing with them!

In recent weeks, it has been brought to my attention that Graeme has indeed been having long & protracted meetings with senior WCC officers following Graeme’s private submissions to the EU about the other PIP contract awards possibly being in breach. Similarly, as mentioned in today’s mass mail, Peter Large’s complaint for defamation was now supposed to against only me & Nutsville’s “Tim Kaufman”, with the revelation by Large that: “Not only have I already issued proceedings, it is my intention to apply to the Court in due course to consolidate those proceedings with those brought against your client., clearly implying that someone’s been served, and it ain’t me. That email was received on 25 Feb, and I am yet to see any further postings on the Nutsville site.

These have left me with a very strong feeling that WCC are trying this tactic again with these two, offering them amnesties & “meaningful dialogues” (which I translate as prevarication by pretending to be “concerned”) with the trade-off being that they will undermine our campaign by casting aspersions. It’s only my theory, but the timing of things certainly lends support in my mind, especially as WCC are well-aware of our intention to pursue any of them that may have deliberately set out to pervert the course of justice in defending the indefensible, should the judges’ decision be in our favour.

Anyway, the invitation is there, and has hopefully been forwarded by Steve, so let’s see if they wish to accept it and put any allegations or aspersions on paper which I guarantee to publish. Let us also hope that they state their reasons for doing so, or why they feel that scrapping the MCS will benefit by the disclosure of such scandalous findings.

Eitherway, until a full explanation is forthcoming, so we can ALL see at least the basis of their allegations and evaluate the merits thereof, unfortunately I must ask you all to be a little bit guarded in any dealings you may have with them.That said, I would keenly seek your own comments and would suggest that, in my opinion, as much should be brought fully out into the open so that EVERYONE connected to this campaign can decide.



Second email sent to NTBPT Committee and others,


Email from Warren Djanogly  Chairman of NTBPT

To NTBPT Committee, Mr Jones, Nutsville & unknown others

Tue, 22 Mar 2011 19:44


Re: Graeme Jones & Nutsville

Yesterday, following a series of phone calls from Steve Baker on Sunday to prominent campaign members implying the imminent publication of detrimental commentary by the two individual above, I issued a formal invitation for them to send me the same under a guarantee that I too would publish.

Supplement to that invitation was a personal theory as to a WCC smear campaign involving these two, based entirely on nothing more substantial then WCC being the only beneficiary.

Firstly, I am relieved to relay that a very reliable source has confirm this theory to be utterly false,and I therefore unreservedly retract it.

However, I am also minded, upon re-reading that the text may have caused offence, being easily interpreted as petty & malicious. Whilst this was never the intention, I have no compunction in whole-heartedly & unreservedly apologising to both individuals.

Whilst I no doubt will be left wondering why Steve Baker felt so compelled to make those calls on Sunday, or even why anyone against the MCS would want to publicly malign like-minded individuals, I wholly respect the notion of freedom of speech & will await any publication on the Nutsville website in the hope that all becomes more apparent.

That said, please be forewarned that I have absolutely no intention of making any public response to any part of it. Should anyone seek my own response, it will be given in private on a strict confidentiality basis.

Finally, as one of the allegations seemed based in the accounts of NTBPT, I will be contacting LDN1702, a practicing accountant, to ask him to prepare an audit based on the bank statements; the legal bills (both Barrister & Lawyer) and a schedule of all other payments to verify the use of donated funds solely for campaign issues.

This may take a couple of weeks, so your patience is requested.

Once again, apologies is offered to not only the above two individuals, but also to anyone offended by my email, and I will let others decide whether this matter needs further exploration or explanation. As another very prominent member of the NTBPT Campaign & forum has written:- “One enemy = WCC. FOCUS !  If we must start stabbing each other in the back, let’s do it over the corpse of the Motorcycle Parking Charging Scheme.“, a sentiment upon which I am sure we are all agreed.


Warren Djanogly


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SimonMarch 28th, 2011 at 7:16 pm

I have read this post with an open mind (having given money but have no formal link with warren or the committee) but can see nothing in there to suggest any wrong doing and certainly nothing to justify the Twitter suggestions from nuts over the last week. It all seems like a few ppl wanting a bit of attention without any real reason or consideration of the consequences. Nuts I do enjoy your work so far but on this occasion I am dissapointed.

JockMarch 28th, 2011 at 9:02 pm

I tend to agree with Simon. As a Chartered Accountant myself involved in the “cut and thrust” of business, sometimes one ignores things that are not pressing – and that is my day job, let alone a part time campaign! In this case, when one is working full time (I assume), running NTBPT in free time and risking bankruptcy if the case fails, I can honestly say that having an audit done on the accounts is the last thing that would really cross my mind (in particular because of the wholehearted support of Warren Djangoly’s compatriots). I can only say, having been involved in similar cases, that the lawyers have likely done a fair amount “off the clock” and not charged – there is no way that the cost of this case should be less than the income declared. Unless someone can show that the funds raised have been far in excess of that declared, I can only assume that this is in response to a “slight” in Warren Djangoly’s blog re Nutsville. I cannot comment if there are more things going on behind the scenes, but I am a (ashamedly) a distant supporter of NTBPT and fairly objective. There is no “smoking gun” here as far as I can see, as long as Mr Djangoly does as he says and has the income/expenditure reviewed. I would ask that the writer of Nutsville, even if he feels personally attacked, to step back and think about why he is departing from his usually excellent observations on the politics of WCC

Richard HollyoakMarch 28th, 2011 at 10:01 pm

I have given money to the campaign and I don’t get it…? I mean who cares about accounts, what have we raised, like £80,000. We’ve been to the High Court and the Court of Appeal. If 80k managed to pay for that and there was some change left over for other items related to the campaign sounds like a bargain to me. I love your work Nutsville but if the accounting is a bit scrappy I’m not troubled – we’ve got our money’s worth and then some. It’s Warren’s arse on the line and he’s a middle aged family man. That’s some balls, everyone at WCC is salaried at the end of the day can go home and switch off with very little consequence to their future. Whatever the result it will be distant memory for them very quickly

MarkMarch 28th, 2011 at 10:14 pm

I just don’t get the purpose of this post. What are you trying to prove here? These emails do not suggest any wrong doing, I am just at a loss as to why you have published this post. What are you trying to prove? I’m just a disappointed reader of a site I have enjoyed reading for a long time. This post is just superfluous.

SimonMarch 28th, 2011 at 10:51 pm

The nutsville posts says that members of the forum have asked the committee to comment which they have not done so. I follow the forum closely and i don’t believe this to be true. However if if one or two forum users asked for a comment this does not constitute a request from all members. Infact all posts I’ve seen have been completely supportive of warren and dismissed this as a storm in a tea cup which it has now been shown to be.

This type of spin from nutsville discredits its previously excellent work.

BanditMarch 29th, 2011 at 7:59 am

Dunno what Nuts is trying to do here.
From what I can establish after some frank conversations with both sides, it just seems like Nutsville is pissing in it’s own cornflakes after such sterling work in exposing the shortcomings at Wastemonster Council.

The mails seem to acknoweldge the concerns of those involved, and appear to address the issues being written about, so I see little benefit in hanging out any allegedly soiled shreddies on the Nutsville washing line.

After two years making Wastemonster cringe, this does little but give them something to finally smile about. It’s not even April Fools day yet, so this can only cheer them up after stumping up £600,000 to Mouchel for reneging on the parking contract.

The fight against both the motorcycle parking charges and the overzealous and sneaky enforcement of parking and moving traffic violations continues, and should remain the key objectives. Support for both is strong and this divisiveness is unwelcome.

FFS pick up the phone and get it sorted, amigos: everyone gets splashed in a public pissing contest.

shamanMarch 29th, 2011 at 11:55 am

Fortunately, everyone has managed to come out of this without looking like complete tossers.

chalkyMarch 29th, 2011 at 3:38 pm

Lets just say, “not Nuts finest bit of work”. If you want to throw poo at the fan, you have to do it from the front to be effective. When you do that, everyone gets spattered, including yourself!
I have always been an admirer of the Nutsville site, however I believe on this occassion, an error of judgement has taken place and I am at a loss to see how the NoToMob, NTBPT or Nutsville benefits?
Maybe the benefit will be revealed in the fullness of time?

BigArtMarch 29th, 2011 at 6:20 pm

Seems simple to me – show us the accounts. Nobody is accusing anybody of anything, but I feel it may have been prudent of NTBPT to have published the accounts on an annual basis for everybody’s peace of mind, if not publicly then at least to members. Having contributed £100 – £120 of my hard-earned to the campaign entitles me to see that money was put to good use, let alone the matter that I am now a second-class member of the forum, by which I mean that, despite my initial contributions, I purposely ignored the begging emails for more funds, under threat of losing my ‘membership’ to find that in the end other peoples generosity had bailed me out and I am allowed to remain a full-fat forum user – thanks for that.

I’m not trying to stir the pot here – but there must be many who have donated literally thousands without receipt – i.e., into the buckets at rallies – who also would like some small assurance that money went to the right place. While I’ve no wish to criticise Warren or the Committee here, the attitude that you’re only going to publish the accounts in light of some accusation comes across as a little arrogant to say the least. As for transparency, remind me again who was it that snuck out and met with WCC without consultation of the members?

JeffMarch 29th, 2011 at 7:35 pm

I don’t live in London but I made a small donation, does that also exclude me from having an opinion?

The NTBPT seemed happy to take my money at the time.

Well I do have an opinion.

Those two emails if real make Djanogly look like a raving power mad nutter, and if he truly has the backing of a committee, it makes them look like sheep for letting emails like that get sent out unchecked.

I’m embarrassed to have given the NTBPT lot my money, and I’m worried why normal accounts have not been regularly published as a matter of course.

I know more about my local council than the NTBPT, who look like a small gang of arse lickers led by a bully.

Please set my mind at rest, did my money go on legal stuff or was it spent on IT, balloons, cakes or strippers.

SamMarch 29th, 2011 at 9:38 pm

I agree with Richard. Warren is doing something a lot of people wouldn’t do, I certainly wouldn’t put my finances on the line like him – scary stuff.

So what if there are no accounts? You can plainly see where the money has gone. You’ve been to the High Court twice.

Jeff – grow up mate ‘a small gang of arselickers led by a bully’ If that’s what NTBPT are I wish there were more people like that in this country, we’d have a lot more liberty and a lot less scum taking us for a ride.

Worried supporterMarch 29th, 2011 at 10:07 pm

How can Nutsville be accused of mud slinging when Djanogly puts in his email “…to set out all their allegations in a letter that I will publish on our website & forum totally un-edited”. Looks like to me that this was going to be made public anyway.
That’s why I dont get that a few are saying that its not OK for Nutsville to publish what warren has said about them.
FFS all warren was asked about was the accounts, the reaction in his letters speaks volumes.
Please carry on because I think as bikers we should be as upfront and open about money as we expect Westminster to be.

simonMarch 30th, 2011 at 7:26 am

warren made no claim that he would make the accounts made immediately and for anyone who asks. He has always said he will do it after the court case.

It it not acceptable to donate money and then request to see the accounts and if they don’t make them available immediately then sling some mud around without any grounds. I have donated to other causes and charities but I dont demand a break down of their accounts.

who exactly do people think have paid for the legal team to take wcc to through the courts.

Gerry RMarch 30th, 2011 at 7:53 am

I’m curious.

Nuts over the last year or few has been accurate and fair and in light of that previous record, I would probably want to know more before making a judgement about the reasons for Nuts post .

It is significant that Warren states ‘I have no compunction in whole-heartedly & unreservedly apologising to both individuals’ so clearly there is information we do not know about that caused Warren to change his robust, passionate first email to the conciliatory second one.

I suspect there is more to this than meets the eye, and Nuts is being more of a statesmen than some imagine and that further details may emerge.

ChrisMarch 30th, 2011 at 8:09 am

As I was reading Gerry’s post, I receive a NTBPT circular communication from Warren about the whole issue.

I had only skimmed Warrens first email and the Nuts post, but having now been alerted to it I read Warrens email again and noticed his reference to the ’regrettable incident with Josef’s personal banking arrangements ‘ and then further on, ‘his [Josef] temporarily “going off the rails”’.

I don’t know who Josef is, but it really seems to me that if Warren wanted to put this to bed he should probably have just kept quiet until it had blown over.

Now I am watching this whole affair closely (as indeed will Westminster Council).

simonMarch 30th, 2011 at 8:17 am

Nut’s tag line ‘Highlighting corruption, deceit and plain old incompetence in local London councils’

unsure when Warren or NTBPT became a local council

JorelMarch 30th, 2011 at 8:42 am

All of this just helps WCC, personally I believe that Warren and the Committee would eventually publish the accounts, and hope that nuts and NTBPT can come to their senses and sort this out, both have done great work and we had our 2 days in court. After seeing protests from other members of the public over recent months, it goes to show how strong the NTBPT are in sticking this shit out for over 2 years!

EddieMarch 30th, 2011 at 8:55 am

Totally agree with you Jorel both Nuts and NTBPT have run outstanding campaigns over the last 2 years. Hope this all gets sorted amicably.

Campaign overMarch 30th, 2011 at 6:07 pm

Only about 20 bikes turned up at TS tonight, all over by 18:50. Think people like me haven’t liked reading that warren has admitted the Brussels trip was a deliberate waste of everyone’s time and money.

Just like Nuts said it was.

GazMarch 30th, 2011 at 6:38 pm

Just my opinion but the posts on Nuts previously have been spot on. That makes me worry about the response from NTBPT.

Nuts claimed people asked for the accounts (1 or 200 doesn’t matter how many) but they weren’t forthcoming, why the hell not? Its our money given in good faith for one cause, we gave it so what’s wrong in asking how its been used. Warren admitted Josef had gone off the rails for a short time, keeping the money unavailable to NTBPT. One nil to Nuts to my mind.

The real worry is why wasn’t this all out in the open anyway, how can Warren claim to be transparent but not make collection and spending public?

Last point, when NTBPT decide to charge people to use the forum to raise the funds for the final push, that was it for me. We all fought for this campaign with time, money and personal effort and yet the forum used by supporters was also used, just like WCC used motorcycle free parking, to generate money. Hypocritical, plainly.

I feel let down by this campaign, the tactics used are similar to that of WCC. Misdirection, dictats and a whole lot of bluster.

DerekMarch 30th, 2011 at 7:37 pm

I read “No allegations have ever been made by Nutsville or Mr Jones”. However Warren’s email above is full of allegations. Warren has made an awful lot of allegations recently at an awful lot of people in nearly every newsletter and what have they achieved so far?

EU trip to deliver complaint, what the hell was that all about as now it appears according to Warren in his latest newsletter that they all went to deliver a smokescreen, well they could have done that with a stamp!!!!! I nearly went on that trip, thank god I didn’t waste my time and money, but heyho at least Warren made the Legal fund a profit out of it.

Warren Djanogly has degenerated the NTBPT campaign to nothing less than name calling and paranoid delusional allegations. He needs to stand down, as he and he alone has brought our campaign into disripute and brings disrepect to all the hard work done by NTBPT members.

GaryMarch 31st, 2011 at 2:33 am

This whole episode is rather disappointing to see. I’ve been a follower of this blog for several months, ever since I first learnt about the NTBPT campaign and I generally find the writing to be excellent, but having read this latest post and the subsequent response from Mr Djangoly, I do feel like this has been a storm in a teacup that just didn’t need to happen. I do hope all parties involved will take the time to deal with this privately and hopefully amicably so that the main goal of everybody here can be brought to the fore again, as it should be. All of this public “friendly fire” is helping nobody but the WCC.

AndyMarch 31st, 2011 at 4:23 pm

Not sure which TS you were at Campaign Over, but there was way over that number and we did such a good job we were asked to stop early. Also there was a major diplomatic affair going on at Leciester Sq which stopped us doing more. Sorry mate, you were clearly not there!

Lets also not forget that it was actually the NoToMob who kicked all this stuff of from postings on their forum. yet not a word from their leader as to why he felt he should start all this? They, the NoToMob had a chance to nip this in the bud, but the membership was strangely quiet and still is about it all. It reflects poorly on them, and shame for it. Timing all seems odd to me?

As at this time I have still not seen one piece of evidence from any of the accusing parties that backs up at the end, or vindicates the starting of a smear campaign, which on the face of it clearly it is.

Again, funny timing for a smear campaign….

Uncle PaulieMarch 31st, 2011 at 7:37 pm

There are some odd comments on here from one or two bitter people who obviously have nothing better to do with their time. Quite sad when you consider what has been achieved by the hard working people of these campaigns fighting against WCC and others. I’m still baffled as to why this is such a big deal for – where is the story?

MONKEY GIRLMarch 31st, 2011 at 8:21 pm

@Andy, @everyone else…………….we do not have a Leader/Chairman, we do not follow, we are united and are as one, we do have coordinators who pass on advice/legal jargon and then move on. (V) and we are without the need of a dictator.

This is nothing to do with BE that is Warrens making. As for the notomob site if you would like take a look TT started the ball rolling on that one and has posted other threads that are unpopular and negative.

As for NTBPT,
(1) As time when on @TS I felt ashamed and very concerend, that I partly was causing ambulances being held up getting through TS Square.
(2) After I got hit bus a bus and my shoulder and bike damaged, and them Tomstr got hit by a bus!” and also Crabby nearly getting crushed by a bendy bus! that just added fuel
(3) I dont enjoy being called “a fu*king c*nt”or a other names on a regular basis by driver’s caught up in the Jam.
(4) I GAVE WARREN Money and have never seen the accounts or anywhere stating the amount I gave him into his own hand at Millbank
(5) I decided to leave a few months ago before this all started. I decided to leave because I read a complaint from a member of the public complaining about TS traffic jam, but is was Warren D’s very public reply of an email about the disgusting use of Vaseline up someone rear!!that shocked me and upset me. And that was the final log on the fire.
Now my last visit to TS, I met with Warren and Tomster at the pub and was chatting to Warren about $chunting. We also got into conversation about court where Warren proceeded to tell me he has NOTHING TO LOSE!!!
Shocked? yes I was!
(1) To learn he has already been bankrupt before,
(2) That his business is in his wifes name.
(3) That he doesnt have a home to lose because he only rents and does not own a house.
(4) When he was questioned by a Long term NTBPT member through email over the demand for £20 memberships fee, he emailed back saying YOU JUST DONT GET IT DO YOU?
(5) When that particular member questioned the answer from the previous email, “but if so why are many of supporters of the NTBPT being given the impression that he stands to lose everthing, he replys in a email which I will provide if you want to see, that he stands to lose his home!!!!. A lot of people on the forum still think he does as he has never made that clear!
10/10 for Warren for leading the campain, but now poeple want answer’s, and MADE PUBLIC TOO, FOR ALL TO SEE, OF COURSE!… THATS IF HE HAS NOTHING TO HIDE. THEN HE SHOULD HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT
Being a leader he should stand up and give them ANSWERS directly so we can all see whats really been going on, ……………………I for one look forward to this VERY MUCH:) and then and end to it all………….MG. i think ive made my point :(

ColinMarch 31st, 2011 at 10:26 pm

So you consider Warren a dictator ? You’d prefer to have the likes of BMF and MAG leadership in charge ?

Where do you THINK the money went? Do you seriously think it was mis-spent ? Do you actually believe the committee had time to log every cash donation, collate that data and publish it as it was donated? What do you think would have happened if it was made known how slowly and weakly the money came in? Would it have inspired more donations or led people to think that it was an impossible task? How much do you pay in fuel duty, VAT, income tax ? Have you seen the accounts from the government showing where that money is spent ? Are you bothered ?

You go to a demo that is summarised by the phrase, “Charge us to park like cars and we’ll congest like cars” and then feel bad because you cause congestion, ambulances on fake call-outs ( are delayed and that car drivers get annoyed ? Is that Warren’s fault?

Richard HollyoakMarch 31st, 2011 at 10:52 pm

If it wasn’t for the characters, the Warrens, the Nutsvilles and others there would be no opposition to WCC. It’s a shame that due to a combination of bereavement, ego and frustration all this bile has spilled out. Whoever orchestrated it is a genius and they should feel rightly proud. I am sorry that the aforementioned respected characters fell for it.

MONKEY GIRLMarch 31st, 2011 at 10:54 pm

Goverment accounts/ fuel etc etc are another matter, Colin think you side tracking a little here..

I do think the account’s should have always been public, because if they had, there would not be a problem, oh… just like there is now. As for you reply Colin!, so its ok not to tell the other members what going on,, just keep the lid on the funds and more will pour in!! how unfair to treat your honest members of the pubilc/ntbpt with such disregard and familiarity !

Also when people coud not make the TS, they were message personally by Warren, telling them “dont put on the public forum that you will not be attending TS as it will stop others from attending,(how controlling) people should be to say if they can attend or not, what happen to freedom of speech then?, so we not allowed to post what we want…it that not being dictated too!?
oh and while were here, I was told not to post any $chunting reports on the NTBPT site and if you were watching carefully , you would have noticed they all stop rather quickly. Warren wanted nothing to do with $chunting and whilist not being a submissive female,, I questioned Warrren about this, his reply was that other people had said this, when it was actually him.
My active roll, is against revnue driven parking enforment, and every time I save one car, then 120 bikers have parked free,, we are hitting them were it hurts and the puclic are in favour, thats not whats happeing at @TS

MONKEY GIRLMarch 31st, 2011 at 11:18 pm

Colin from your comments I can see you think I left NTBP for no good reason,, so am I also wrong for making my ownActually, much of what you say is a good translation…

Except for, as the man before me has stated, Vox Populi. Such is a term, deriving from mid-16th century Latin, that means, quite literally, “the people’s voice.” And so now, I shall change what you wrote to be the correct.

This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the “vox populi” now vacant, vanished:

This mask, no mere cover of looks is a mark of the people’s voice, now gone, forgotten. However this courageous visit by a long past annoyance (to the government, as a popular opinion against the government is always an annoyance, as any zeitgeist [defining spirit or mood] is, when it is against government) stands animated
desions now, or it that something else do you think should also be controlled by other’s?

ColinApril 1st, 2011 at 5:08 am

I think you’ve taken a personal dislike to Warren and have thrown the baby out with the bathwater.

I don’t consider the fact that a few people are now expressing their dislike for Warren’s style “a problem”. If anything, it has shown exactly why strong leadership is necessary.

There is no doubt in my mind that without him the actual parking charge would be at a higher rate by now, that other councils would have adopted it, that none of us would have even heard of Nutsville and that the NoToMob would not exist.

The aim of NTBPT is to secure freedom to park for motorcyclists. I’m more interested in attaining that freedom than protecting car drivers ( including the ones that shout obscenities) from paying fines. Preventing a council from collecting revenue is a far easier but different matter. I’m more interested in attaining that freedom than protecting car drivers (including the ones that shout obscenities) from paying fines. Hopefully NoToMob will never have to raise £50,000 but should that become necessary, I’ll be fascinated to see how they do it.

SimonApril 1st, 2011 at 6:34 am

I find comments about warren’s ‘dictatorship’ lead most niave compared to an idealistic ‘no leader’ view on life. I don’t hear many historians looking back at great reformers in the past like William willberforce and martin Luther king going ‘he was a bit pushy wasn’t he’. Personally I’m glad NTBPT has a strong command. Had it not so it would not have achieved what it has.

Monkey girl I am sorry and was dissapointed at the time when I heard you got knocked off TS but this is nothing to do with the above post from nutsville.

To those against a leadership structure it may be worth Reading animal farm by George orwell.

MONKEY GIRLApril 1st, 2011 at 9:14 am

Ok fair comments from all, but as Warren has now publically exposed Nutsvillie !!!
And now threats are being made against Nutsvillie’s life and safety!! Although Nutsvillie didnt know that until this post today!…which has now really pissed me off!!!
Ive sat listening to all of this for weeks, so im standing up and have given my voice the freedom as is my right…..and really dont give two fucks who knows and who it pisses off.

Im 100% with FPW and Nutsvillie…what ever the result. BECAUSE I DONT LIKE BULLYS!!!

Does anyone want to threaten me for speaking out? if so send me your details and il give you mine!

simonApril 1st, 2011 at 11:22 am

monkey girl i suggest if you have concern and evidence over concern for someones safety you contact the police.

i believe the comment function on these nut’s stories is to comment on the story itself rather than go of an a tangent and throw wild accusations, or to begin a year later criticising the breakfast and supper clubs which has not been mentioned in the above story.

so as to not turn this comment function into a forum exchange out of respect to nuts i shall not comment again.

thank you for your invite to exchange contact details to continue trading exchanges however i do not feel this would be the best use of our time.

i wish the no to mob every success in their aims and hope they can achieve these objectives without the slurr, back stabbing and division certain members have attempted to create.

Kill SwitchApril 1st, 2011 at 4:35 pm

So many comments on how Nutsville has done such a good job in the past, then they give the impression they believe that this episode is completely fabricated. So that begs a question, why fabricate, is Nuts known for fabrication, so, maybe it’s not fabricated.

And like Monkey Girl, I too am 100% with FPW and Nutsvillie…what ever the result.

BanditApril 1st, 2011 at 7:03 pm

Well, well.
We’ve just taken the leap from ‘dramatic’ mini-series to full-blown epic with death threats and a whole new level of intrigue. Sadly, the biggest audience is probably in Victoria Street, smirking as the saga unfolds.

I don’t know what form these alleged threats have taken, nor who made them. But it doesn’t take a Kryten to figure out that if Nutsville is going to publicly ‘expose’ a former compatriot, then said former compatriot is likely put his side of the story and make it plain to all who have perked up their ears to the rumour mill, exactly who is making the allegations!

Actually, this whole stupid episode is looking more contrived by the day, but I still cannot quite see what the ulterior motive is.
Nuts is not stupid and I doubt that he has not considered – or even predicted – the ‘unintended’ consequences.

What happened?
In the past, aggrieved parties have removed themselves from NTBPT activities.
Shortly after court case, outrage follows over forum user innocently posting link to NTBPT site on NTM site.
Associates of both groups, thereafter advised about alleged wrongdoings by Chairman.
Post by a wounded Nutsville purporting to have taken great offence at comments made by Chairman.
Grand exposé is published on Nutsville that – what, two blokes no longer associated think that campaign money might have been used for ‘other things’…!
Includes Chairman’s response to membership about situation, published on Nutsville for random interpretation and howls of outrage.

And this has achieved precisely what, for fuck’s sake.

As far as I’m concerned, the money I gave went to fight Wastemonster, the rides I went on were in the fight against Wastemonster. I couldn’t give a feck if it paid for the brief, or for the stickers, or for a cup of tea at The Ace.
And I’ve never felt bullied. I went along voluntarily on a load of rides, met some great people and had bloody good fun. Every time.

I accept immediately the comment that Nuts is not fabricating anything, so just what is being done here?
Is it some long game? Does Nutsville just think that Warren deserves some payback for some real or imagined slight? Why would Nuts run the risk of such a backlash and self-exposure?

In fact, the whole exposé (apart from warming the aforementioned cockles) when you look at it, seems hardly worth the effort, unless it was to create disquiet and division.

So, in respect of the exposé, what were you thinking, why did you do it in public, not private, and what good did you think it would do?

And, just what is the ulterior motive, because none of those associated with this are seeing much good come of whatever it is.

Gordon861April 2nd, 2011 at 12:05 pm

I’ve avoided commenting on this post for a while but figure I might as well do so now.

When I gave money to the campaign I always assumed that the money was gone and I’d never see it again. Now I’d love to get it back, especially with the work situation that is developing at the moment but I only gave what I could afford to loose.

So Warren has protected(allegedly) his assets by having them in his wifes name, and(?). To me that makes perfect sense to try and look after his family and even with the major items protected if he is declared bankrupt it will still hurt him.

Warren has been cagey with the precise reason for the trip to Brussels, is anyone really suprised when in truth the campaign seems to leak like a seive and no one seems willing to assume that the committee have a clue what they are doing? Warren is leading the campaign and some things need to be kept to a small circle of people in order to keep the element of suprise. The way I looked at the Brussels trip was as a jolly to Europe and a chance to do something different hence the fact that I stayed overnight so I wasn’t rushing everywhere, it was a laugh and a show of strength.

As mentioned earlier I think this whole incident is a ‘storm in a tea cup’ that is being caused by people with predetermined views willfully reading insults into posts that aren’t actually there. It wouldn’t be the first time things are misread and go on to cause a ton of problems.

wontpaytaxApril 2nd, 2011 at 5:06 pm

this whole thing has been ridiculous, nutz has obviously been sitting on a grudge since flouncing of from the ntbp campaign and is now after some sort of own back , shame just makes us all question the work he has been doing . he also plays the innocent in saying no allegations came from him when he manipulated others to start an argument to play up to his bruised ego
the notomob have one massive elephant in their room . and monkey girl as for having no committee and no leaders ?? very naive , what you have is two puppet masters pulling your strings , this is a very shaky foundation to build a campaign on .

Mark SaundersApril 3rd, 2011 at 8:46 am

How about we all drink a big cup of STFU, get on our bikes, and go for a nice ride?

There, isn’t that better?

Napoleon's JosephineApril 3rd, 2011 at 11:58 pm

So Mr Warren Djanogly, where ARE these long promised accounts?

Mr Warren Djanogly using your own conspiracy theory process you would deduce that as you have gone all quiet you do not have any accounts because basically you cannot account for all the money that was entrusted to you by NTBPT campaigners for the LEGAL FIGHTING FUND.

Warren Djanogly you need to look in the mirror next time you accuse someone of FRAUD.
Warren Djanogly you need to look in the mirror next time you accuse someone of LYING.
Warren Djanogly you need to look in the mirror next time you accuse someone of BULLSHIT.
Warren Djanogly you need to look in the mirror next time you accuse someone of SPIN.
Warren Djanogly you need to look in the mirror next time you accuse someone of MISREPRESENTATION.
Warren Djanogly you need to look in the mirror next time you accuse someone of GLOSSING OVER THE FACTS.
Warren Djanogly you need to think next time before you accuse ANYONE of ANYTHING.

MONKEY GIRLApril 4th, 2011 at 7:44 am

@wont pay tax, why dont you put your real forum name on? Mmmmm?
Im not naive, or controlled, (its called freedom of will!…. thanks……

I just dont like BULLYS, and THIEVES and LIAR’S,

SnafuApril 4th, 2011 at 10:10 am


The Gordian knot.

neatly untied……

DavidApril 4th, 2011 at 10:19 am

What on earth is going on?
Will you all just pull your heads in and stop grandstanding.

The facts of the matter are that there is crack that has emerged between two of the parties caught up in the whole shabby Westminster mess.

The truth is that Westminster Council and their leaders are the real villains looking on while rubbing their hands with glee at the appalling, juvenile playpen outrage these two seem to be having.

Warrens passionate meandering, offhand and sometimes rambling missives are par for the course and most see that. Nuts measured responses do not necessarily mean he is right (or wrong).

For now, can you just get over yourselves and wait till the outcome of the court case.

Richard HollyoakApril 4th, 2011 at 4:01 pm

I can’t help myself.

Nutsville’s odd article aside. Nobody cares about this radom mud slinging comments. All the money raised has gone on the campaign. If someone can show that campaign funds have been spent on slap up meals at Mrs. Miggins pie shop instead then please come forward otherwise stop this weak attempt at smearing. It is only being done for nefarious reasons to discredit the campaign in the event of Court of Appeal win for WCC to make sure the whole campaign fizzles out becaue they know we aren’t going away.

I am sorry that Nutsville comments have become a forum for this sort of chat.

As for holding Warren to the same standards as WCC, what a load of nonsense. Warren does not have an army of PAID lackeys to implement the decisions that have been made. It is unpaid individuals fighting against a well oiled but disfunctional machine.

wontpaytaxApril 4th, 2011 at 5:13 pm

monkey girl glass houses ?? i remember you turning up at the bat cave with a box v masks and selling them to the ntbp members who nearly all paid well over the wholesale price , because it was all for the fighting fund …… correct me if im wrong but you have not published those figures ….. ????? and as for the nice trade in notomob vests and t shirts maybe in a years time we will pop up and demand a full record of these funds ……. this may be none of my buisness … but ha ho that’s irony for ya
judge not others else ye may be judged thyself

OgriApril 4th, 2011 at 8:22 pm

I’m still chuckling at “real forum name” !

A Pissed Off DonatorApril 4th, 2011 at 10:04 pm

If you really want to know what happened to that money from the V masks ASK WARREN!!! or better still get him to publish the accounts that show what happened to it. Thats if you can see through the SMOKESCREEN.

MONKEY GIRLApril 4th, 2011 at 11:12 pm

@ he who has no balls to put his ntbpt forum/notmob forum name on!!…..ah yes, I remember thats when I was sucked in!… and you brought the mask,s and ALL the money raised plus the extra cash was given to Warren into his hand at Millbank and the last £12 to come in was given to him at the pub after TS meeting WITH WITNESS and as for your comments about over paying there was about 4 people who paid at little extra, and one guy gave a whole tenner more for your NTBPT fund and some promised to pay but didnt, and all money was given to Warren £90.80p I belive ok,,Im sure I have the orignial receipt if you want to have it, SO WHEN THE ACCOUNTS ARE PUBLISHED IM SURE YOULL ALL BE ABLE TO SEE WHAT WARREN HAS DONE WITH IT, OK,
No and your right! the notomob has is none of your business! …but just for your information, we dont charge extra for the vest’s or demand people buy them with profit for a fund, our T-shirts and vest are ordered individually at the price in the shop….. there are no accounts because we are a voluntary group who fund ourselves individually,,,,do you understand now? Warren?

PaulaApril 5th, 2011 at 7:24 am

I’m glad I’m not a member of No To Mob that’s all I’ll say… They are trouble and noise makers, that’s all they are. I’m glad Warren has always wanted NTBPT to be independent from No To Mob, well done Warren. Keep a cool head and don’t worry about them. No To Mob obviously have far too much time on their hand.

Uncle PaulieApril 5th, 2011 at 6:12 pm

Some good folks are very upset over a few lousy pounds. I think from the beginning any donations should have been thought of as just that – a donation. Ofcourse nobody wants to feel that they have been made a mug of BUT unless you actually have evidence to prove that funds were improperly used you should not make accusations. Can people not wait for the outcome of the court case when there may be far more time to produce detailed accounts once everything has been settled?
I have trouble believing that some folks think that a person should risk their home for this campaign. That would be very foolish. No, that would be downright stupid.
Considering what everyone involved has been through, this seems like such an awful way to part company. Bickering about personal differences when the one true enemy has yet to be defeated – WCC.
Stop bitching and giving the real scumbags somethin to smile about. If you feel the need to have it out with somebody why not arrange to meet them and do it face to face? You will achieve far more that way. If you go on a demo involving road raging drivers then please don’t blame anyone else when something goes wrong – you should know the risks and be prepared!

MONKEY GIRLApril 5th, 2011 at 6:59 pm

@uncle paulie, Warren doesnt have a home to lose, might be worth reading all the comments,

Uncle PaulieApril 5th, 2011 at 8:06 pm

I did gather that MG. So you think that he should have put everything he owned on the line? He could still be made bankrupt, which is hardly a walk in the park. Would you have risked everything you own and risked bankruptcy?

AndyApril 5th, 2011 at 9:43 pm

@MG you really are treading a fine line here you know. Some of your comments are very close to being libelious. What is it with you? I have yet to see you or any of the other No To Mob accusers actually back up anything that you have so far smeared the NTBPT campaign with? You are also not doing the No To Mob any favours either, as we are seeing a very dark side to the people that include themselves in their number. I can only assume you have been set up to for this, while others have suddenly gone to ground and are now strangely quiet and not been heard or seen of for many days? Those of us that have been involved in the NTBPT campaign get it, know whats going on and more importantly know where we are going. Its a one issue, total focus campaign. about bikers, for bikers, by bikers.

DerekApril 5th, 2011 at 10:29 pm

Paula it would appear that Warren likes to waste the valuable time of NTBPT members by taking them on a jolly to Brussels to deliver a smokescreen, Warren could have made better use of members time and money and just asked for £3 each and put a stamp on his smokescreen.
Dont get me started on the WEBC & WESC which has achieved what precisely? I believe Uncle Paulie could not have put it better, “If you feel the need to have it out with somebody why not arrange to meet them and do it face to face?” Oh that would be Trafalgar Sq then!! “You will achieve far more that way. If you go on a demo involving road raging drivers then please don’t blame anyone else when something goes wrong – you should know the risks and be prepared!” Hmmm road rage drivers and commuters swearing abuse, now that definitely cannot be a waste of anybody’s time or could it?
NTBPT is campaigning against WCC motorcyle charging scheme not London commuters, not TFL, not GLA but Westminster City Council. But no Mr high and mighty Djanogly would not listen to others and there were many, no what he says goes and all others be damned including his nameless committee. So what if the NTBPT campaign of thousands is reduced to eight yes you heard right eight bikes leaving villiers street to ride round trafalgar sq, what a sight to behold eight whole bikes what a successful campaign. What a legacy, maybe when this is all over and the judges see sense and overturn the MCS, we can have an annual ride round trafalgar sq. LOL
Mr Djanogly has run his campaign in the name of others and with others money, but when asked the simple question where are the accounts he launches into a vile attack.
No one has alleged anything with the exception of Mr Djanogly however who has made deluded, illusional, deranged allegations that have caused offence to others and not only at Nutsville.
Now to those elusive accounts, well what a jackanory. First we get a list of recipients who have had money and then when pointed out an error in those figures anoither load of tosh comes out about how Mr Djanogly wants to explain in more detail. Only he doesn’t he only causes more questions to be asked. WAKE UP PEOPLE AND GET WARREN TO SUPPLY PROPER INCOME AND EXPENDITURE. It is quite simple really, why after weeks of being asked, cannot accounts be shown. I for one would like to see the names of the current committee members published on NTBPT forum and for each and everyone of them to state that they have seen the accounts and that they can confirm personally all monies accounted for correctly, that would be a start at least. Mr Djanogly no one should be accusing you of anything but there are concerns, concerns bourne out from your very own emails and newsletters in that monies went through soemones account who “went of the rails” so why not eleviate those concerns and publish proper income and expenditure instead of this drip drip of figures which will only lead to more concern.
Mr Djanogly you have carried this campaign for two and a half years and must be accorded respect for such. However that does not discount that you have degenerated the NTBPT campaign to nothing more than and I use your own words here bullshit,spin, deliberately misrepresenting and even gloss over everything to do with the campaign. Mr Djanogly you have put others in legal jeopardy without any concern for them.
This will be your much loved LEGACY.

Napoloen's JosephineApril 5th, 2011 at 10:57 pm

Andy there is no dark side to the Notomob however there does seem to be widespread public support and do you want to know something, the Notomob is actually achieving something and it feels great doing it.
BTW FYI you do not get it, you have absolutely no idea (perish the thought that an original one might surface) what is going on, and definitely no idea where you are going (round and round and round you have no idea which exit at TS you should use).
If you want to be lead around like sheep so be it but don’t expect others to. No one has accused Warren of anything but it seems Warren and his sheep have been accusing others. Warren has accused others of Fraud and Forgery without any evidence of such, bringing the Notobikeparkingtax campaign into disripute.
Some people in the we love Warren camp need to take a reality check and start living in the real world not Warren’s Willy Wonka Land with his umpa lumpas.

A Pissed Off DonatorApril 6th, 2011 at 12:01 am

Uncle Paulie it does not mater what you think about donations. The fact is all donations are REFUNDABLE when we win. I have the news letters to back this up LEND ME A TENNER etc.
Not hearsay but FACT. If and when we win all donations are refundable. And any monies left over will go to the Air Ambulance. Warren’s words not mine. Any other assertions are total lies and misrepresentation. Please do not try to speak for other peoples good will in donating to the legal fund, we all donated money on Warrens Promises and that’s what counts. IF WE WIN WE WIN, IF WE LOOSE WE LOSE.

JaxApril 6th, 2011 at 4:24 am

Seriously MG – put up or shut up!!

I live 10,000 miles away and don’t know any of the personalities involved, so judging purely from these comments and the forums I can honestly say that you are a complete LIABILITY to any campaign you are involved with.

Stop with the innuendo, accusations and snide comments…

Show Me The Evidence!!

where's the accountsApril 6th, 2011 at 8:27 am


Your post could be said of Warren, he should have stopped with the snide comments, calling everyone who doesn’t agree with him a backstabber. Read the post and the email warren sent to Nutsville with warrens shitty little theory’s about why Nutsville wasn’t posting.

Now I know MG and she speaks the truth, so what about warren!

Where are the accounts, why has always been such a big problem whenever they’ve been asked for?

So lets see those records of donations of cash outside city hall shall we, it would be easy to post up the scans of the forms we all filled out with our donations wouldn’t it?

curiousApril 6th, 2011 at 9:30 am

Where have all of Nutsvilles previous blogs gone?

They seem to have disappeared from the site!

I’ve heard this sometimes happens as a condition of dropping a libel claim.

Could somebody be twisting Nutsville’s arm?

AndyApril 6th, 2011 at 10:33 am

Interesting that Nutsville has pulled all its other stuff off the site? Why might that be? Anyone care to explain why the this once great campaigning site, now longer campaigns “Highlighting corruption, deceit and plain old incompetence in local London councils”

Answers on a postcard please!

BanditApril 6th, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Presumably, all of the previous wrongdoings, scandals and scams perpetrated by WCC, NSL and the other scoundrels have paled into insignificance compared to the heinous crime of unaccounted NTBPT funds!

Or is it that there was so much positive stuff that came from the Campaign when we were all good buddies that it undermines the faux outrage of this particular page?

As it was asked earlier: ‘Dont get me started on the WEBC & WESC which has achieved what precisely?’, I shall tell you one thing it did achieve: The NoToMob.

Disassociate yourselves as you will but, if it had not been for the regular meetings and social interaction at the WESC & WMBC, it is highly unlikely that any of us would have got close enough to form that sort alliance.

It’s something you don’t get from the forum alone. I may never have spoken to many if the people that I know and respect now, and I doubt that BE would have had a platform to develop his fine ideas.
And, Nuts & FPW, who were staunchly out on TS with their cameras in support of the Clubs not so long ago would not have had a base and support group from whence to launch this divisive bullshit.

Great work.

MikeApril 6th, 2011 at 1:15 pm

Removal of earlier posts may be for all sorts of reasons, although another possibility (My Theory, by Anne Elk) is that it helps to protects the validity of the statement “No allegations have ever been made by Nutsville ..”, since .. the previous Nutsville post (no longer present) appeared to be doing just that? Hopefully, though, my theory is wrong.

curiousApril 6th, 2011 at 2:34 pm

Error 404 – Not Found !
Error 404 – Not Found!
Error 404 – Not Found!
This is all anyone gets when they try to follow up a story link from other sites to Nutsville!

What has happened to all those brilliant stories exposing the corrupt goings on inside Westminster council?… looks like years of great work wiped out at a stroke!
Has there been a hack attack? or is it Westminster’s Lawyers playing hard ball?

Can whoever the mystery person behind the site is please explain… or would that mean they become “accountable”!

Esinem: NoToMobApril 6th, 2011 at 8:07 pm

It is a great shame that what appears to have started as a simple request is becoming a shit storm. I think it should be a private matter between the individuals and it is unproductive to make it divisive. Let’s not lose track of the real enemy and start airing our dirty laundry in public. My counsel is to all is to keep well out of it. Any time you doubt that advice, just think how much this bickering with cheer up a glum day at City Hall.

MONKEY GIRLApril 6th, 2011 at 10:05 pm

@ Jax ….are you from the Starship Enterprize? oh and I cant shunt up, because its call freedom of speech and the truth, …..still if ya want to fly over and have a chat, il make you a cuppa :)

JaxApril 7th, 2011 at 4:58 am

In response to “where’s the accounts”…
under what rule are you demanding that accounts be produced on YOUR timeframe?

I gave money freely without membership, constitution, model rules or legislation.

I gave money freely trusting that whatever decision was made by the recipient would be at his discretion and without my donation being encumbered by promise of accountability.
Did you give money under different circumstances?
What promises were made to you?
Do you have witnesses to those promises ? or paperwork perhaps?

If not, you have no right to demand accountability, and certainly not to YOUR timeframe.
Lack of accounts does NOT constitute evidence of misdeeds!

markApril 7th, 2011 at 1:07 pm

Very sad. I just try to imagine the hours of work Warren and the committee – especially the brilliant IT guys have put in to an impressive campaign that has taken on an enormous and powerful foe. So we all gave a few quid, bought a bib or whatever but without the persistence and multi level tactics from street to courtroom all of us would have accepted this pernicious parking charge.

I have enjoyed reading how Gilchrist, Large, Chalkley and Barrow have behaved and how parking contracts are conducted, I can enjoy this because of the NTBPT campaign. And have the hope this charge may be overturned. Vicious comments about the accounts of an unconstituted group of volunteers are a bit pathetic given that huge legal bills have been incurred. does anyone really think there is a profit or financial benefit in this for the organisers? i wouldn’t do much work for less than 1% of the minimum wage!

What isn’t sad is the belief that the recent changes to the Nutsville site, the internecine attacks and the LBAs from council officers would tend to suggest some desparation on the part of the powers that be as they attack the messengers in the face of an overwhelming message.

I wonder if this post will be spiked?

BazApril 11th, 2011 at 3:44 pm

For God’s sake will you people just grow up, go for a beer together and sort things out? If you insist on washing your dirty linen in public (if there is any dirty linen, which I seriously doubt) then the only winners will be Westminster City Council (who are doubtless laughing like drains already reading about this squabble).

NutsApril 11th, 2011 at 5:13 pm

Nutsville are not publishing anymore comments for this post, everyone has ample opportunity to make a comment by now. Some were quite interesting.

We are preparing another post, in response to Djanogly and the NTBPT committee’s rebuttal which attacked Nutsville.

Comments will be switched off on the last post as it will remain hosted for years to come as a lasting legacy for Djanogly and the NTBPT committee.