Westminster Council want to know everything about you

A worrying trend on Westminster streets has been videoed, where Westminster Council employees in the guise of parking wardens are approaching members of the public demanding to know everything. The council employs these Civil Enforcement Officers (CEO’s) through a company known as NSL Services.

A member of the No To Mob campaign group was conducting a video survey of one of Westminster Councils honey pots, where CCTV camera cars are sent to covertly film motorists driving through the junction at the bottom of Soho’s Golden Square. Whilst the campaigner was on the phone two CEO’s start to question him, not realising that the camera on the tripod is recording every word of the interrogation.

Notice in the video when the No To Mob cameraman produces a much larger camera how the male CEO has a sudden attitude change, and tries to backtrack fast by wishing the cameraman a merry Christmas.

Westminster Council have recently issued their parking wardens new uniforms, along with spending an extra £1.95 million on 50 more CEO’s to trawl the streets. It would seem that along with the new uniforms the wardens also think they have extra powers, they don’t, yet. But we have grave concerns as to why their wardens are approching residents asking for information, and what security measures they have in place for dealing with what could be sensative personal information. With this sort of interigation of the public Westminster Council will soon drive even more visitors away from the West End.

We have posted videos before of Westminster Councils CEO’s also trying to cover up their identities when vigorously pursuing their quest for parking fines. Another video of this underhand behaviour has been published on YouTube. We do hope that Westminster Council did the right thing after seeing this video and cancelled all of the illegal tickets issued that day by the CEO in the following video.

Camden Council also use NSL Services to supply their CEO parking wardens. A favourite honey pot for their on-foot wardens is Store Street. Again a No To Mob campaigner captures an extremely keen warden, who explains the rules are to allow absolutely no grace period to pay for parking. The no grace period rules also apply in Westminster where their pay by phone parking system can often take 20 minutes to register a payment.

This Camden CEO certainly has a sense of irony when he complains that being filmed is invading his privacy, when both Westminster and Camden Councils love using covert mobile cameras supplied by his own bosses, NSL Services.

And we thought the 8 month old Con/Lib Government were going to put a stop to the war on the motorist.


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EddieJanuary 1st, 2011 at 10:49 am

This is brilliant work guys- love seeing the look on their faces when the penny drops that you are not going to be intimidated. Ha ha he wouldn’t call the police because ” you are an eloquent guy” !!!!!!! WTF?????
Thanks for giving up so much of your time to bring this the public’s attention.

Richard HollyoakJanuary 1st, 2011 at 8:54 pm

You can take the Nigerian out of Lagos, but you can’t take the Lagos attitude out of the Nigerian – NSL know this and no doubt quite like them acting as thugs on the streets of London in order to bring in the cash. Ah, sweet diversity.

BillyBloggsJanuary 2nd, 2011 at 3:53 pm

Are Werstminster starting their own 419 scams, employing genuine Nigerians to run it?

mattAugust 7th, 2012 at 6:14 pm

NSL are run by a Guy called MARK UNDERWOOD…he was chief of GEO group before this, GEO group in case you don’t know are one of the Worlds largest PRIVATE incarcerators…….building prisons and workhouses throughout the western World….

These NSL staff are nothing more than private employees of a company that has no say on what you can and cannot do…they think they have and thats where the general population fail time and time again…

its a little scary whats happening with the whole picture….but hey, if a McDonalds employee fined you, would you pay? its the same with this LTD and PRIVATE company….pay them? tell em to fuckemselves

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