Paying for parking, not for us say MP’s

One month ago the management board for the House of Commons sent out a document titled “Initial savings for consideration” (view source here). The management board were looking for savings of 17% by 2014, and suggesting ways the House of Commons could raise revenue. One of the suggestions in the document was to introduce charges for parking on the House of Commons estate, in other words workplace parking charges.

Back in July 2006 Nottingham City Council were the first to announce that they wanted to introduce charges for workplace parking. Plans are for any business providing 11 or more parking place to ‘levy’ or tax each space £265 per year, which starts in 2012. Heads of parking in other local authorities ears pricked up, ahh yes another revenue stream for cash strapped LA’s. Well who could criticise this new tax if including the words “ease congestion, reducing pollution or revenue to go into public transport” were included. But although many other LA’s were reported as on the verge of introducing a workplace parking levy, many have since backed away from the idea, stating it would not be popular and would be bad for local business. Reasons that have never stopped dear old Westminster Council from introducing new parking taxes. Could it be possible the reason the work place parking levy has not yet caught on was because of the amount of lobbying from fleet operators and the wider transport industry. Or perhaps because there is a bigger pot of gold around the corner, when road pricing becomes the next big topic.

So one month on and our esteemed leaders in the palace of Westminster have announced a list of their cost saving measures (view source here). To no ones surprise the idea of a workplace parking levy has disappeared from the list. Well congestion and pollution aren’t a problem in Westminster are they. Instead plans are to start charging for tours of St Stephens Tower, which is the clock tower and home of big ben. Extra mugs and other parliamentary souvenirs are to be touted to the tourists who mange to fight their way through the rioters. Other measures include shutting the House of Commons switchboard when there aren’t many calls coming in and getting smaller photocopiers.

If you thought our leaders were not taking saving money seriously there is one item which should warm the publics heart. That is a saving of half a million pounds by reducing the overseas travel of select committee members.


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BruceDecember 28th, 2010 at 4:11 pm

I trust we can assume that free parking permits for certain notable Westminster employees will be one of the initial savings for consideration?

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