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Top Shop this morning

After yesterday evenings events the clean up operation continues. Westminster Councils outsourced cleaning company Veolia Environmental Services worked through the night and into the morning to clean up central London.

Violence on both sides broke out yesterday after protesters were kettled in parliament square, with one student suffering serious head injuries.

The protests spread more in to the West End by the evening, mingling with the late night shoppers on Regent and Oxford Streets. Although, groups of protesters were in and around the west end all afternoon. The only people who were not aware of this seemed to be the royal protection squad.

After last weeks blockade of Oxford Streets flagship Topshop store last Saturday, the protesters returned. This time protesters smashed most of the windows along the front of the building. There were 8 glazing vans lined up along the front of TopShop this morning as glaziers wasted little time in replacing the large panes of glass.

The mainstream TV media has had a conveyor belt of retired talking heads eager to get on the telly and give us their opinions and collect their appearance fees. Whilst politicians trot out their condemnation of yesterdays events, tagging on that they always fully support peaceful protest giving the traditional nod to democracy. Probably because it’s so much easier to ignore a bit of placard waving a few speeches.

But maybe we should not be so quick to condemn everything that the students and hangers on are being accused of yesterday. Many students got their first lesson in democracy, with claims they weren’t being listened to or that nasty politician lied to them. It must have been quite a memorable lesson for protest virgins to see a jolly London bobby clad in riot gear punching a teenage girl in the face whilst the girl lay on the ground. Incidents like that were not isolated, and not all one sided. Yes you were not allowed to leave the kettle, even if you were a child. Yes groups of people sitting inside the kettle were attacked by police. Yes, groups of children and adults were charged at by police on horseback. Keeping the streets safeBut let’s get things into perspective, someone swung on a flag, and someone urinated on the statue of Winston Churchill, yes a police officer became detached from his horse. So should we take the politicians lead and concentrate on those incidents then? You have the Internet so get reading, try to work out fact from spin and who were the real thugs yesterday.

But events to come may make others change their minds about the validity of some forms of direct action, when the full force of the cuts roll out. As we write, the American corporations are ready to move in on the UK NHS as we expect branches of McDoctor to spring up around the country. Welcome to the great ‘everything must go’ marketisation of UK limited.  Which helps explain why the MET spokeswomen was so concerned that last nights protesters were interfering with late night shoppers in the west end. She advised the protesters to go home. Ahh if only they could, but they were enjoying the sights of the Thames in another kettle on Westminster Bridge, which carried on until after 11pm.

Bugger my mobiles ran out

Bugger my mobiles run out

By now you may have seen that Charles and Camilla were entangled in last nights events as their borrowed 30 year old limo made it’s way up Regent Street, looking for a pay-by-phone parking space. We cannot be sure if Camilla was shocked at the Christmas street lights promoting the latest blockbuster yawn, or the thought of coming into contact with some real people for the first time or even the shock of discovering she’d run out of credit on her mobile phone. Her later comment about the incident was “First time for everything”. Was that regarding the protester who shouted “off with their heads” at her.

This year the Regent street lights are pushing the film Narnia. Nutsville was given an inside scoop on the making of that film, we were told by one of the actors that everybody was just so wonderful to work with on set, wow.

For a different perspective of the protests the American media ran with the story in a big way. American news reporters seemed to be most shocked that this sort of thing could happen in London of all places. But that’s what happens if you’ve only ever watched Mary Poppins we suppose, chim chimney and all that.

Colin Barrow

The American view was not missed on the leader of Westminster City Council, our favourite tax avoider Colin Barrow. He must have persuaded someone at the BBC that he had something worthwhile to say for a change and managed to get in front of the TV cameras today. He claimed to be concerned about the reputation of London, but did avoid falsely claiming the four lane roundabout in front of Parliament was a World Heritage site this time. Barrow praised the people who clean up the mess saying “we do the best we can” and told us that things must be brought under control. But who did he mean, the public or the politicians? Last nights confrontations must have been a superb first test of Westminster Councils new street wardens, who now come with powers to fine offenders. We are looking forward to read how they managed last night, trying to issue on the spot PCN’s to the anarchists.

In our opinion there are still too many politicians that just don’t get it, as our ears ring to the worn out sound bite that lessons must be learnt. But it’s not the public who need to learn from yesterdays events. We spotted a story by Heather Brooke which nearly got buried in yesterday’s news (View story here ). It seems those naughty politicians haven’t changed a bit and have been trying to secretly smooth over any complaints about their expenses again. Tut tut.

Why cuts are the wrong cure from False Economy on Vimeo.


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MrCDecember 17th, 2010 at 6:26 pm

My own understanding, and forgive me if I get this wrong, is the Robin Hood tax ONLY taxes trades on the Foreign Exchange market.

As someone you is unemployed and watching my redundancy money disappear this has been the only market I stand a chance (a slim one) of making money on.

So I shan’t be supporting this tax any time soon.

This Idea has the banks grubby finger prints all over it. Again this is my opinion.

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