It time for anyone to have their say about parking in Westminster.

Westminster are undertaking a major review of their parking service, the last such event was held in 2001.

One part of this review is the publication of a questionnaire, which needs to be returned this month (November 2010). Westminster Council have said this questionnaire will be available for download on their website:

The consultation will begin in October 2010, when later this month a questionnaire will be available to download online from this website”, but we can see no sign of it here.

So in the spirit of Councillor Colin Barrows’ new army of volunteers Nutsville has made the questionnaire available for download here on our own Nuts servers. ( Original document from WCC as a doc ) or we have saved it for people with other software as a pdf ).

Anybody familiar with questionnaires won’t be surprised to see that WCC’s is rather slanted. But in our opinion it’s probably better to fill it in and take part, as it makes it much harder for them to use it for their own propaganda in later years.

Completed copies of this questionnaire should be returned to the

Online address


The Freepost address:

The Westminster Parking Policy Review 2010-11

Westminster City Council

10th Floor – West

Westminster City Hall

64 Victoria Street

London SW1E 6QP

13th November 2010 Important Update

Since publishing this post the council have released an amended version of their questionnaire.

Those people campigning against motorcycle parking taxes may wish to note Q23, Q33,Q39,Q48,Q49 AND Q50.

Although the Westminster postal address remains the same, it is no longer published as a Freepost address.

The latest questionair asks if you would like to see motorcycle parking bays replaced with car club bays!


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EddieNovember 19th, 2010 at 10:15 am

This meeting on Monday 22nd November looks interesting…….

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