50 years of traffic wardens, see how low they’ve got

We couldn’t believe this footage sent to us last week, of two Westminster parking wardens.

The camera man who shot the footage said he was just waiting around Cambridge Circus for Westminsters CCTV scamera car to pitch up, when he noticed these two Westminster Parking wardens (CEO’s) acting suspiciously around the motorcycle parking bay.

With motorcycle theft at an all time high in the capital he naturally began filming. What he captured is two of the most furtive shady looking individuals you’re likely to meet in the West End.

It turns out that the two in the video are genuine CEO’s employed by Westminster. The only reason they both hid their numbers on their lapels was simply because they wanted to issue some dodgy PCN’s to reach their targets for the day.

You never know what you will find lurking around a bike bay in Westminster these days.


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La FrondeSeptember 28th, 2010 at 10:47 pm

Even if you pay for your parking you still risk getting a pcn. How desperate and dishonest is WCC ? Just when you thought they couldn’t go any lower…..

OllySeptember 29th, 2010 at 12:23 pm

For Sale: One CCTV car. Previously owned by Lambeth Council: http://youve-been-cromwelled.org/?p=1548

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