Westminster Councils parking contract fraud widens

Westminster City Council (WCC) back in 2007 created a quango known as Partnerships In Parking (PiP) at great UK taxpayers expense to the tune of £675,000. This is currently under investigation by the EU commission (case No. SGCDC-2008A-7695 — GESTDEM 2009/5139). One of the points being investigated being that WCC / PIP did not clearly identify those parties to the Pay by Phone framework contract. WCC stated that they and PiP were purchasing on behalf of all UK contracting authorities (Download: Pay-by-Phone OJEU). A bold statement as in law the definition of all UK contracting authorities is they are purchasing on behalf of the State and Local / Regional Government.

In the past such was WCC’s reputation amongst Local Authorities and the wider parking  industry it was believed they were not only experts in all things parking related, but also innovators. This reputation has stretched back since WCC introduced the first parking meter to the UK. But all great empires eventually fall, and through WCC’s arrogance their downfall is now on the horizon. Through PiP it was planned that the mighty WCC would not only control parking related issues in London, but also spread it’s tentacles throughout the United Kingdom.  So Alistair Gilchrist and Councillor Danny Chalkley, the self appointed Caesars and architects of PiP, created the PiP partnership agreement (Download: PiP agreement 2007) Into this partnership  agreement they inserted a paragraph to which all joining members have to sign up too,

Each member must delegate and surrender all its powers of procurement to PiP in all parking related matters.

Nutsville has seen draconian evidence of this when Richmond Council amended their constitution to allow for this (Downloads: Agenda & Minutes, Constitution) Also included in this agreement WCC are to provide all the legal services for PiP as they couldn’t possibly allow the incompetent members to interfere with their Empire.

Then WCC set about trying to expand their little empire by touting it around the country to as many authorities as they could. This was until Bristol Council’s own legal department pointed out that what the WCC / PIP Empire were doing was illegal and told them so. How impudent of Bristol Council to nearly let the cat out of the bag like that, and needless to say Bristol are not members of PiP.

This little hiccup did not deter our Caesars Gilchrist and Chalkley as they attempted to bring in a separate management agreement (SMA) to allow anybody to join.

Up until that point the other Local Authorities had been treated like mushrooms by our two Caesars, in other words kept in the dark and sitting in the shit (Download: FOI avoidance). Our researcher felt obliged to inform the members of PiP of some of their findings. By now some clued up on PiP are starting to ask serious questions. So when the WCC/  PIP Empire board is asked to vote on the SMA, our aforementioned Caesars are ignored, when members fail to turn up to vote. The ides of March approach and our poor Caesar Chalkey is stabbed in the back and dethroned.

We have been investigating another PiP contract, the debt management recovery contract awarded to Phillips. Perhaps better known as the bailiffs. There are questions to be raised with regard to this as the WCC / PiP Empire state that this contract is of zero value (Download: Zero Cost). How powerful is the WCC/ PIP Empire that they can persuade a company to work for free? Ah but closer inspection shows that our devious Caesar Gilchrist is trying to circumvent the lawful tendering processes yet again.

It seems that WCC / PiP are rotten to the core as the researchers also ferret out another of these illegal framework contracts procured by the WCC / PiP Empire, the Pay and Display contract. Now this one is a classic even for WCC. In November 2005 WCC a full 18 months before PiP became a partnership WCC awarded a Pay and Display contract to three companies Parkeon, Zeag and Solari. How generous of them, because shortly after, WCC decided to go cashless on parking charges and never utilised this contract. But hang on, they then offered it out of the goodness of the heart to PiP. So in 2007 PiP members started purchasing machines, some one thousand one hundred of them. Alas it would appear that back in 2005 WCC started an EU OJEU tender process by placing an OJEU Notice to tenders (Download:  ojeu notice) but then our little Caesars came to their senses and decided not to proceed down this route as it was far too fair. This contract was for 3+ 1 years and should have ended in November 09 (Download: Statement of Decision) but our little empire builders were not finished as someone forgot to re-tender for this contract and they allowed it to carry on till March this year (Download: Mike Moore letter). Sadly due to the current EU investigation WCC / PiP Empire had to withdraw their re-tender and ask the London borough of Hackney to start a new one (Download: Hackney OJEU). Oh dear but PiP member Hackney only go and make the same mistake of not clearly identifying the parties to the contract.

Furthermore, Hackney state in this notice that they envisage allowing other authorities who are not yet members of the WCC / PiP Empire to use this contract. It is PiP’s aim to also invite non-London authorities to join the purchasing consortium – this include all UK authorities listed in the A-Z guide found here.” Nutsville can see another anonymous complaint to the EU in the pipeline.

On the 7th June the WCC / PiP Empire were supposed to have a board meeting, but as one of the Caesars Danny Chalkley has been stabbed in the back and is no more they are leaderless and have no chairman. They have had to cancel this board meeting and Nutsville has learnt that they are hoping to have a new Caesar in place by the end of July.

Nutsville asks when will our own government of Messrs Cameron and Clegg wake up and put a stop to this vile evil WCC / PiP Empire and take responsibility for governing our country and call a halt to this farce. We hear that so far most MP’s (from all of the three main parties) who have been approached  have suddenly become ‘too busy’ to tackle this hot potato.

If the WCC / PiP Empire is not stopped now, it could be your council which is next to be dragged into the illegal activities of Westminster Council.

If taxpayers found out how much they were being ripped off by Westminster Council, and how much parking revenue was being diverted off to a few select private companies people might take to the streets in protest, and that would never do.

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1frogJune 5th, 2010 at 11:46 am

Boris has shown his true colours by supporting his millionaire friends in Westminster City council, he wants us to stop our legal protests so his “pals” can make even more illegal money. Nice !

LibertyJune 7th, 2010 at 10:51 am

Seems to me that Mayor Boris Johnson’s sudden appearance at a NTBPT event, and his actions, may not have been as accidental as may appear. It is clear from previous statements that Boris was very well aware of the ongoing demonstartions at Trafalgar Square, and obviously he wants them to stop; although he had advised that he wanted the dispute to be handled by the protestors and Westminster Council finding common ground! He was also well aware of being filmed, so to go around several of the protestors and to repeatedly make his ‘threat’ of removal of use of red route bus lanes to all motorcyclists (if they did not stop the protests) would appear to be a “calculated” move, presumably in the hope of being seen as standing up to the bikers, and to improve his personal image!?

However, to ‘threaten’ something that is a) unrelated, b) should not be within his personal powers, does seem to be overstepping the mark, and surely tarnishes whatever is decided about the bus lane trial, as if it continues, his threat becomes just an idle one, whilst if it does not continue (when early reports are that the trial has been successful), then it would seemingly show (whether true or not!) that he appears to be prepared to trade improved safety and people’s lives like a pawn in political manoevring!

BanditJune 7th, 2010 at 11:43 am


This is an interim report on motocycles in bus lanes and it indicates good support for the scheme and postive feed back. Boris would have to work very hard bury this with any credibility.

How many road transport policies get drafted by the authorities with zero regard for motorcycles? Rhetorical question: all of ‘em!
But now they know that bikers are not prepared to take this nonsense unchallenged.

So if Boris wants a fight us, he can have one.

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