Westminster Council threaten Nutsville with ‘appropriate steps’

During the course of the 19 month long campaign to have Westminster Council scrap it’s loss making and unpopular bike parking tax, we have seen many times where various Councillors and council officers have tried to threaten and intimidate the protesters.

So desperate have the council become over this whole sorry affair we have witnessed two Councillors lie to the electorate in a pathetic attempt to deflect criticism away from their dreadful conduct. We sat back and watched as Councillor Jean Paul Floru tried to deny over and over again that he had a free parking permit (see: foot stuck in mouth). We witnessed the wretched Councillor Suzie Burbridge lie to everyone in front of a Scrutiny Committee meeting, falsely claiming she had a document which later turned out that no one could find (see Burbridge lies).

More recently we have seen the councils Humpty Dumpty Martin Low appear on the television news saying “they won’t be proved illegal <giggle> because I’ve got the documents..“. Of course Martin Low doesn’t have all the documents that would have made the diplomatic parking spaces legal in previous decades, we know that, he knows that. It’s sure is taking Martin Low a long time to find the map marking out the diplomatic bays (see: undiplomatic parking and this FOI).

Even more recently Westminster’s Head of Legal Peter Large issued threats because one individual dared to take his concerns over improper conduct to the police. But Peter Large it seems is a slow learner as are many at Westminster Council, no one is taking them seriously any more, least of all Nutsville (See: police complaint).

So we are sent the following email, verified as coming from Westminster City Councils mail servers, yes it’s their usual style, threat, threat, threat. But my goodness we are told we have been reported to the Information Commissioner already. But like many members of the public have discovered, the Information Commissioners are about as useful as a chocolate teapot, and they couldn’t even summon up the willpower to write to us.

Here is what the hysterical Westminster City Council sent us in February:

Subject: Request for removal of a cut and pasted signature which has been
posted on your website
To Whom it May Concern,
This is a formal request that your organisation remove my signature,
as seen on the above weblink, which was cut and pasted on to
your website, immediately.
If this is not done forthwith, the appropriate steps will
be taken to go back to the Information Commissioner and
cite your organisation as being in breach of
Principles 1 and 2 of the Data Protection Act 1998.
A Daly (Customer Realtions DRO)

Gosh, so having already once reported us to the Information Commissioners they’re going to do it again, now that’s ballsy of them.

After picking ourselves up of the floor from laughter we immediately sent off a reply, well a week later:

Subject: Doubts over email you may have sent
Dear Andrew
I have been forwarded an email sent to news@nutsville.com on 2/17/10,
which claims to be written by you.
Because we receive a lot of spoof emails, some of them
emanating from Westminster Council, I am obliged to verify that you did
send the email (copied below).
Having carefully read the email, I can only imagine that it was
somehow sent in error, perhaps by one of your juniors, due to the
terse nature of the contents. Or, because of it's poor style it may have
been composed by Peter Large and sent without your knowledge or agreement.
I have my doubts as to the origins of this email, as it did not come from
your usual address.
Can you please confirm or deny whether it was you who composed and sent
the email?
If the email is genuine, please can you provide the date and case number
provided by the Information Commissioner when the matter was referred to
their office?
Again, if the email is genuine, can you please explain why your first
course of action was not to contact us to discuss any request you may have
I look forward to your earliest reply.
Miss H Brooke

Of course Andrew Daly did not reply, so we suspect this was just another childish stunt from Westminster’s useless legal department.

We mentioned earlier that Westminster are slow learners, so we will repeat ourselves, the time for talking is over.

You know dear readers, it’s almost as if Westminster Councillors and their officers still believe they have some credibility left, and that we care what they say.

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FoofooMarch 18th, 2010 at 11:04 am

That’s the funniest post I’ve read in a long time, what a twat, I think Mr Daly should reassess his priorities WCC obviously don’t keep him busy enough.

Is this the kind of people WCC are employing now or is he on some sort of school work experience thing?

BanditMarch 18th, 2010 at 12:27 pm

Appropriate steps for WCC:
1) take foot from mouth
2) take one step forward
3) take two steps back
4) disappear up own arsehole

JPFMarch 20th, 2010 at 9:36 am

That is the most astonishingly lame threat I have ever heard from Westminster, if indeed it has come from them. Nutsville is correct, you never know what scoundrels and impostors inhabit the internet these days.

However, on the vague assumption the poster is the genuine article and so we are all clear and we can get this correct;

The grunt writes in response to an FOI.
He then signs it.

and then he gets all girly because you published the document and the signature?

Maybe I’m old fashioned but I feel that if I write to someone and I endorse its provenance by my signature I should not be ashamed. The tenure of the complaint is that he does not want his sig associated with the response. How ridiculous is that!

I hope that Westminster let him out of short trousers he can act a little more grown up.

As far as Nutsville goes, I am sure they echo the words of David Cameron when he said ‘bring it on’.

JP Floru

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