What are double yellow lines for in Westminster?

Once again Westminster City Council Mayoral car was seen parked on a double yellow line outside the Northumberland Hotel last Tuesday.

Parking on a double yellow line will normally result in the motorist being sent a parking ticket, issued from the recently switched on council CCTV cameras.

There is no grace period for parking on a double yellow line, it is an instant parking ticket, luckily the council do not have to abide by their own rules.

The yellow lines painted in the bay

The yellow lines painted in the bay


One rule for them?

Councils CCTV switch-on, off to a shaky start


The official Forum can be found here http://forum.notobikeparkingtax.com

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GregMarch 12th, 2010 at 2:42 pm

Once again a Westminster Council official thinks they are above the law. My god these people are so arrogant. They have completely lost touch with the public. Time for new blood, I think.

MrCMarch 14th, 2010 at 6:14 pm

This is just taking the mick. They must have know they would be watched but blatantly ignored the parking restrictions. Of course because it was the Mayoral car they wont get a ticket which just proves that parking tickets are all about revenue raising and nothing at all to do controlling congestion.

It is obvious that the bay is provided for people alighting from vehicles driven by others and not for parking in!

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