Westminster’s Cllr Chalkley heading for boxing day PCN bonanza

Cllr Chalkley is todays Scrooge

Cllr Chalkley is today's Scrooge

Yesterday the BBC announced that some councils would still be issuing parking fines on Boxing Day. Because this year, Boxing Day falls on a Saturday. Westminster City Council’s Danny Chalkley has taken this as a golden opportunity to fleece motorist entering Westminster and try to con them into making up the huge £20 million shortfall his parking department finds itself with this year. In a typical show of inconsistency Westminster’s One Stop Shops and library’s will be shut all day on Boxing Day.

Many unsuspecting motorists will think that Boxing Day is a bank holiday this year, and so will believe they do not have to pay. This will be especially hard on motorists who do not have a credit card or mobile phone, because there will be nowhere to buy a Council two pound parking scratch card, with all the places that sell them shut because of the holiday. This means there will be no opportunity to pay by cash, as the only other way to pay for parking in Westminster is by using the crap Verrus pay-by-phone system, but only if you have both a credit card and mobile phone.

We rang the council’s parking department to ask what we were supposed to do as we have all our cash stuffed in a mattress and we won’t have one of those new fangled mobile phones because they fry your brains. Westminster customer services didn’t know the answer, and also didn’t have anyone in the parking department who did know. We were not surprised by the lack of information as these were questions which weren’t supposed to be asked by the riff-raff general public.

This is typical of Councillor Danny Chalkley’s attitude towards the poorest and elderly members of society, he just doesn’t give a stuff about them. But he will be exempt from paying to park, as he has given himself a free Westminster wide parking permit.


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BanditDecember 11th, 2009 at 5:31 pm

Cynical thieving bastards. Certainly not a Bank Holiday for the Enforcement Stasi! They’re probably on double-bubble for the day (if they can issue at least fourteen tickets).

Did you see the whining ‘spokesman’ on BBC London news? “We offer 5 days charge-free over the Christmas period” or words to that effect.

Well fecking whoopee, you tight shite with your free parking permit. You won’t get my money because I’m boycotting Wastemonster over the Christmas period.
But neither will the traders, and it’s YOUR fault.

Richard HollyoakDecember 12th, 2009 at 3:25 pm

Hmm, look at the difference across all the boroughs what we need is a system in London where all the councils operate the same policy then the motorist won’t be confused, we could call it something like Partnership in Parking? That sounds really friendly……I’ll get my coat.

ConsideringLeavingDecember 12th, 2009 at 6:01 pm

Yeah, fuck you retailers… Tough luck. See how Westminster Council care about retailers? Say one thing and do another typical Westminster.

MartinDecember 16th, 2009 at 8:35 am

According to the latest version of the Traffic Management Order that I’ve seen, as relating to the Motorcycle Parking Places, then all of these bays (bar about eight around Kensington) are defined (by WCC) as NOT being chargeable on a “Bank Holiday”. Last I heard, WCC does not define which days are Bank Holidays, and as such, I believe any PCNs issued for non-payment of the charge on that day, which by definition *is* a Bank Holiday, by WCC [or other London Councils] (or NSL on their behalf) will be illegal !?

Wouldn’t surprise me if the same isn’t true for Car parking?

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