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NSL Services are the outsourcing company that run the Westminster City Council (WCC) contract for parking enforcement. It now seems that NSL Services are becoming jumpy about Nutsville. We hear of letters warning CEO’s (Civil Enforcement Officers) from talking to anyone from our little blog, are being posted up in their bases. We also hear that Suzanne Hussey, NSL’s Westminster contract manager, is getting mad about our last post on the Lexington Street base. The drain unblockers are now regular visitors to the base.

Some long serving CEO’s were quite bemused to see Ms Hussey for the first time ever at one of their morning briefings. Any CEO’s caught taking photos and sending them to Nutville were threatened with instant dismissal. Where has Ms Hussey and the rest of the NSL management been these last few years. To have not known of the growing resentment the CEO’s have for the things they have been asked to do hardly makes Ms Hussey look as if she is in control of the situation?

But we can’t heap all these problems at Ms Hussey’s feet, even though she might be incredibly bad at her job. Because the driving force to reach those ticket targets comes from Westminster City Council. Like many other councils around the country Westminster had come to rely on PCN’s as a valuable source of income built in to their annual budgets.

Having any kind of parking contract with Westminster Council is like selling your soul to the Devil. So we shouldn’t be surprised if Ms Hussey and Kenneth Hanslip choose to look the other way and ignore their CEO’s. But it’s beginning to look like NSL will not get that lucrative parking contract renewed this March. It would be all too convenient if Westminster Councillors and their officers try to make NSL the fall guys in the perfect parking storm which is brewing over the horizon.

Back in the summer WCC and NSL allowed Betty TV Ltd., a film production company, to have access to Westminster’s two NSL bases. One in Lexington Street, the other at Vauxhall Bridge Road. Betty were making a film for Channel 4′s Cutting Edge documentary series, titled Confessions of a Traffic Warden. The film is intended to show what it’s like to be a new immigrant to the UK and do what must be one of the most hated jobs in the land.

WCC have always publicly claimed that the daily abuse and stress heaped on the CEO’s was nothing to to with them, it’s the fault of the great British public they said. But the CEO’s wanted to tell Betty TV a different story, which led to one CEO being interrogated by NSL’s Kenneth Hanslip, head of profession standards. But this is NSL’s usual way of managing out a CEO who breaks ranks and tries to tell the public the truth. NSL will no doubt claim they have done all the right and proper investigations and they were squeaky clean and everybody’s happy, except the CEO’s and a growing number of the motoring public. With the motorist faced with an ever increasing and varied set of parking rules, and a council desperate to top up huge holes in it’s finical budget, is anyone surprised that it’s the CEO on the street that take the wrath of the motorist.

It takes a special kind of NSL manager and indeed Westminster Councillor to have ten CEO’s all talking to the press saying one thing, yet still be able to claim nothing is wrong with parking enforcement in Westminster. Who’s kidding who here. CEO’s now tell us that all mention of targets has stopped in Westminster, but they worry for how long. So all those councillors, their officers and NSL management who are blaming Nutsville for their woes, need to understand that Nutsille wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Councillor Chalkley and his coconspirator Alastair Gilchrist going one step too far in introducing the motorcycle parking tax. Never before has such dodgy goings on come under such close and relentless scrutiny. Looks like Nutsville will still be here at the next local election, won’t that be fun for all, unless you’re a Tory councillor of course.

The documentary Confessions of a Traffic Warden is due to be broadcast by Channel 4 this Thursday at 9pm.

Telegraph article

Traffic wardens pressurised to issue tickets by contractors (click here to read)


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Janice MNovember 18th, 2009 at 3:58 pm

It’s clear to anyone what an odious and contemptible system Westminster City Council operates in ‘partnership’ with the contractors NSL!

Yet again the vile and despised Chalkely regurgitates the same old bile. No targets, no challenges.

The Government guidelines say that parking enforcement is to be used to ‘manage traffic’. Yeah… right….!

Now the National papers have picked up on the loathsome Chalkley and his questionable practices it won’t be too long before the Tories on Westminster are under a spotlight that is not altogether flattering.

They continue to hide; Ostrich like, and fail to see that if only they had left the bikers alone this whole shameful affair would not now be showering down on their sad sack council.

Here is a message to all the other councillors who arse lick Chalkey, pay attention! You are bumming the wrong guy.

The voters are all sitting here and seeing Chalkely ride you like a seaside donkey.

Come May 2010, the Court of Public opinion will show its displeasure at such short sighted, incompetent fools.

As for that chicken-neck Cllr Burbridge how about you roll your tits up the flagpole and see if anyone gets wood.



PaulaNovember 23rd, 2009 at 1:34 am

Chalkley’s biggest mistake of having introduced the motorcycle parking tax will cost him his career, and also that of his Tory colleagues at Westminster Council. They’ll be out of the door sooner rather than later, and that is as a result of ignoring the people who have elected them to serve their needs. Shame on you, Chalkley, you will soon regret what you’ve done. A hell of a lot of dirt is coming out of Westminster Council, precisely because of Chalkley’s biggest mistake, ever. Shame on you!

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