Chalkley, how clean is your parkng department?

NSL lexngton base

NSL lexington base

We were disappointed to read in Octobers West End Extra a forum piece by Councillor Chalkley titled ‘Our wardens are firm but fair’ (view here). Chalkley spouts the same old drivel about how Westminster CEO’s (parking attendants) do a challenging and difficult sometimes dangerous job. He continues to deny that there are any setting of ticket targets by either Westminster or NSL Services (winners of the Westminster street enforcement contract). But it is these ticket targets that greatly add to the conflicts between motorists and CEO’s occurring daily on the streets of Westminster. It’s amazing that Councillor Chalkley can deny the testimony of 10 CEO’s, so it’s perhaps time for some stronger evidence to show the contempt for which Chalkley and his officers have for the CEO’s working to bring in the tickets for his department.

NSL Services run two bases in Westminster where CEO’s operate from. One, Lexington Street in the heart of Soho was recently thrown open to a Channel 4 film crew making the documentary, ‘Confessions of a Traffic Warden’ which reveal some of the conditions for immigrants starting work in the United Kingdom. The Cutting Edge documentary is due to be aired on Thursday 19 November 9pm on Channel 4 and will be well worth watching.

View the Channel 4 site here

But what the film cannot not show is the true working conditions the CEO’s work in from their Lexington Street base. How much different the staff canteen and over-flowing toilets look when there isn’t a film crew in residence. Nutsville thanks the brave reader who went into the base undercover recently to take these photos.

NSL Services Lexinton Street canteen

NSL Services Lexington Street canteen

NSL Services Lexinton Street canteen

NSL Services Lexington Street canteen

NSL Services Lexinton Street blocked sink

NSL Services Lexington Street blocked sink

NSL Services Lexinton Street blocked toilet

NSL Services Lexington Street blocked toilet

But why are so many people telling us about those ticket targets Mr Chalkley? Is there really no smoke without saved emails? Things seem to be closing in for Chalkley and Co, as it’s not just the CEO’s that are coming forward, for example:-

I have documentary evidence and copy Emails that Bonuses,Argos gift points and overtime,especially Bank Holidays at Triple pay, are given as rewards for issuing PCNs. The rewards are euphemistically referred to as for Customer Focus and Integrity. I have records going back 3 years that show 99% always go to the same high PCN issuing CEOs.
I have Emails from WCC putting pressure on NCP to issue more PCNs and one even refers to a site being given special attention,as it is very productive and helps fill a Black Hole in revenues.
I have been present at numerous Disciplinary hearings were CEOs were dismissed or given Final warnings because of their low PCN production, though their Staff file never reflected this.Other reasons were used as a cover, I have evidence of this.
I left NCP as I was tired of the lies and deception of both WCC and NCP to the public.

But who is cleansing the truth? We hear that Westminster City Council are now denying existence of invoices from recruitment firm Brooklands, and Brooklands have cleaned up their site, removing those embarrassing words “This will include outsourcing to other authorities – a unique project redefining a Council operation as a commercial, revenue-generating business.” But Nutsville saved the page after we posted our ‘Westminster City Council had no intention of making parking revenue neutral’ article. So the saved copy of the orginal Brooklands page is here:

But today’s cleaned up version, has no mention of WCC or generating revenue, view it here:-

Chalkley and Goad busy cleaning up

Chalkley and Goad busy cleaning up

So whatever you come across, save it to your hard drive and make a back up, because we hear that Chalkley and Goad are helping to make an episode of ‘How clean is your House’.


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amcoolNovember 10th, 2009 at 5:06 pm

buuuh! let be serious, Chalkley and NSL should quit if they still have any regards for themselves.

I hate the City of WestminsterNovember 10th, 2009 at 6:05 pm

All that money and they can’t even afford a cleaner? Bloody cheapskates! It’s hardly surprising that traffic wardens act the way they do if that’s what they have to go back to at break time. Looks like they are doing okay for toilet paper though, which must be a relief for the Shitty of Westminster. I get the feeling free toilet paper to take home is a perk of the job – Lucky!

Great picture of Cllr Danny Chalkley & Cllr Kevin Goad lol.

TonyNovember 11th, 2009 at 12:56 pm

excellent work yet again nutville
and a great photo lol

if Chalkey and Goad actually cared for anything other than themselves they would already have scrapped the tax and sacked themselves for bringing westminster council into disrepute

WillieNovember 17th, 2009 at 1:38 pm

Wcc and Nsl parking contractors they know the condition they are their traffic wardens, they acting like who cares, whether traffic wardens playing the game their side who give a shit, i will bash tickets every 1, then the motorists are the ill faced, the wcc should give a shit their contractors and scrap their parking policy which is Ticket ticket ticket, how many ticket , how many ticket we got to day and the target business .

it is shame that humans are treated like animals, because who can use these toilets such a full of shit.
the wardens being briefed you are working one of the best council in Europe, but when open your eyes you are in a shittest council and company you every worked.

hello Nutsville and all the wardens keep it up the more they exposed their dirty trick the more public now and the more wcc throw the window their Nsl Contractors.

[...] We also hear that Suzanne Hussey, NSL’s Westminster contract manager, is getting mad about our last post on the Lexington Street base. The drain unblockers are now regular visitors to the [...]

AnonymousNovember 24th, 2009 at 8:02 pm

WHY BLAME THE CEOs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blame the management?

who are they?

Il tell you who they are

Lets start from the bottom:

lets start from the duty desk of Lexington base

His name is Jack hes the one who was in the channel 4 show the Caucasian man with the white hair, then you got that skinny hunchback with no backbone so called senior supervisors named Younnes then we got the shy quiet one who thinks hes a base manager who doesnt have control about anything his name is John,
you can call them and talk to them all on 02072871585 or 02072871540( im trying to get all there numbers I’ll post asap)

they say there is no target?they say there is no pressure?they say allot of things
but ask me or any CEO and they will tell you,oh sorry MS Suzzana Hussey came to our briefing and told us not to talk to any member of public or reporters or else we will LOOOOOOSE OUR JOBS!!!
she’s the contract manager yano,shes got power! but not as much Emma Collins the Regional Manager. who spoilt Westminster contract soon as she came aboard last year with Mr Walliur Rahman who they call operational support manager who can even support him self upon a alligation of not paying a parking fine

BTW Mr David Coxs who is supposedly be related to Emma Collins messed up Lexington street first, then got transffered to Vauxhall bridge road which he also messed up now conduit place guud luck to you lot why dont they sack a useless person like him because he is WHITE!! and teh bosses cousin
BTW he used to work for royal mail>>>>>and we all know about the strike at RM dont we
(hes the big man who was showing all them rings in his fingers on the c4 program the 1 that couldnt answer the question durga had about Piccadilly circus (POOR DURGA) T_T doesnt know what he got him self into. you can call him on 02074023110 and ask him for ur self

DeanDecember 10th, 2009 at 9:15 pm

No comment, just a question. You state someone has emails putting pressure on NSL from the Council to issue more tickets.
Are these posted anywhere on your website?

PrincessMarch 3rd, 2010 at 11:07 pm


did you ever get a response to your question?

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