Cabinet Member Report published

Late yesterday Westminster City Council Ltd., published the cabinet members report which has been passed to councillor Chalkley to rubber stamp consider.

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We are sorry to say it is the usual blah blah rubbish from the corporation formally known as Westminster City Council, with very little new points to mention.

The issue of riders credit card and phone security is brushed aside by the council suggesting those with concerns can go and get a prepayment credit card. Those without a mobile phone can find a land line, or pay before you get to westminster. There is also mention that those riders can also get a prepayment carnet, but no mention of it costing twice as much, or unless you want a PCN that you need to get the bus to one of their One Stop Shops beforehand.

Some of the other social exclusion issues are neatly dealt with by suggesting if you don’t like pay by phone, go to one of the soon to disappear council car parks.

We that’s all nice an tidy then isn’t it.

Whatever happened to all those security devices. Well they get a mention, yes they talk about the Sheffield Stands that no one can use, the ones the Scrutiny Committee told Chalkley not to use. Now Chalkley has bought 200 new type security devices to try. Just how many of the riders that park in Westminster did he ask about these new devices, none.

The report mentions all that consultation he’s done, funny isn’t it that not one, no not one motorcycling group was consulted (Check this FOI). But that’s OK, because Chalkley did ask his mates, the drinks industry for their views.

MAG are not on the councils list of groups consulted. The MCIA, well who are they anyway, so we don’t mind them being left out. But the list does say that the BMF were consulted. This is what the BMF said to us:

The BMF has no record of being consulted by Westminster on this issue; however, if Westminster are reading, then we shall reiterate that we are opposed to this charge in all its forms and will continue to campaign against it until it is abolished.

We are of the opinion that the charges against PTW’s to park in Westminster is nothing to do with limited kerbside space and everything to do with Partners in Parking (PiP), which Westminster lead. It is vital for Chalkley to get this through so he can offer other councils around the UK a more attractive shop window.  Both Westminster and Verrus have so much to gain from what is and has been proved, as nothing but a cynical revenue generation tax, an illegal one at that.

Watch as the council run car parks are leased off to more private companies, losing those free motorcycle spaces.

Watch as more spaces are given to private American companies for the car hire business.

Watch as more kerb space is found for pedicabs to ply their trade over an ever growing part of London.

Shortage of kerb space, pull the other one.

We think the funniest line of the report is:

The City Council does not have the ability to implement charging for cyclists, because bicycles do not have to carry registration numbers and so charging could not be enforced.

Duh, so the council could not think of a better reason for not charging cyclists (not that we think they should pay either), does that hint that they would really like to charge push bikes.

Watch yourselves pushies, it will be you next!


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Richard HollyoakOctober 3rd, 2009 at 3:26 pm

Let him rubber stamp it and let’s go to court. They can bribe each other but bribing the High Court comes with severe risk.

JamesOctober 3rd, 2009 at 4:31 pm

Chalkley, please please please rubber stamp the report, make your bloody and stupid bike parking tax permanent, so I will have the inmense pleasure to see the Council that you and your chums work for taken to tribunal very soon! That will be so exciting, I can’t wait to watch the show! I’m going to book a seat right now.

EmmaOctober 3rd, 2009 at 5:47 pm

See you in court Councillor Chalkley!

BigArtOctober 3rd, 2009 at 10:30 pm

And the longer this fiasco goes on the more money WCC take from us, another month – another easy £50,000 goes into their bank account!

CMCerOctober 5th, 2009 at 10:51 am

I read the report and I think they are going to push it through. They think they have the reason and they think they have covered the legal aspects, they think they are being ‘reasonable’ by making the key issue kerbside space.

If they go on that basis they will unleash a whole load of focused opposition. How is it right that car and bike parking is taxed and yet the council can put in ‘Car Sharing’ schemes which brings them (and participating companies) revenue?

It’s ok to reduce car/bike parking spaces, to increase demand, to bring in council revenue to then allow them to put up charges because of demand? We’ve seen it with cars in certain WCC areas with the specific reason being demand management.

This isn’t kerbside management, this is tantamount to extortion!

[...] the recent Westminster City Council Cabinet Member Report release (reported on Nutsville) mentioned bicycles in that while they did take up little kerbside space, they were not registered [...]

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