WCC parking wardens target driven, no really?

It’s long been known by every motorist in the land that parking tickets are often issued to meet targets. Westminster City Council have always denied this, well only after a warden issued tickets to the Fire Brigade in an attempt to win a car that is.

Recently a member of the public submitted a Freedom of Information request to ask WCC this:

I would like to know if the City Council expects Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) to issue a minimum number of PCNs per day, week, month, quarter, semester, annum etc to parked vehicles and if so, how many.

As expected the council answered:

The City Council does not set a target for the number of PCNs that it expects to be issued. There is no incentive for CEOs linked to the number of PCNs issued.

But an increasing number of the councils’ unhappy CEO’s are writing to us with some very interesting information, which clearly indicates CEO’s are expected to issue a minimum number of fines each day.

Here’s just some of their quotes, which show just how the councils parking enforcement sub contractor NSL Services bully the CEO’s into fining the poor motorist visiting Westminster.

Our pay is rubbish,we have no pension, and they ask more tickets to be issued if we want overtime hours, bank holiday shifts.

You need to understand that we only earn £7.70/hours and we have to bring double figure tickets to be offered the opportunity to earn weekend allowance and bank holiday triple pay.This means that we use minimum discretion.

The full blame should be for Westminster council and NSLservice( the contractor).
we don’t work directly for westminter, we are employed by NSLservices..and they tell us that,it is westminster that put the pressure on them to bring the tickets

We all know that setting a target of tickets is illegal but NSL does it and westminster knows about it.

Westminster seems happy about it as long as the public does not have any evidence. but here,we have evidence of the targets.

With the deed of novation between WCC and NSL Services under question, this years accounts having been objected too because of accusations of enrichment, it’s certainly been an Anus Horribilis for Cllr Chalkey and Co.

And those pesky No To Bike Parking Taxes campaigners just never seem to quit. With Cllr Chalkley’s parking department heading for an overspend in excess of £10 million, we wonder if the Tory’s will be cancelling their annual civic dinner this year.

First for the chop will see a large number of council officers down the job centre next month. Oh no, we aren’t going to lose our favourite Aunt Sally parking officer Brighton Cock One Size are we?. Will there be anybody left to screw up reports, add up figures incorrectly and organise dirty tricks email campaigns?

Now if details of the councils knowledge of the treatment of CEO’s along with their PCN targets were to get out, say on a national television documentary, well wouldn’t that be a thing.  Would it bring about a change in the way the motorist is treated in London, could we stop being seen as cash cows. Would Westminster’s parking department stop treating anyone who appeals a parking ticket as a liar.

With all that’s going on in Westminster this year there is a glimmer of hope that the way the parking industry works in Westminster will be smashed and exposed for the iniquitous bunch of gougers we suspect they are.

On the 27th July 2009 the BBC Breakfast show ran this short item, we think this is just the start of the wheels coming of the Westminster parking scandal, we look forward to reading more emails from depressed CEO’s in Westminster.


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UKFRANCE.orgSeptember 27th, 2009 at 9:04 am

So are you saying that WCC lied in their response to this FOI? I really find it astonishing that parking attendants only earn £7.70 an hour while the council has increased its income by circa £4 million per annum by stealth taxing bikers for parking. Where’s all our money going?

BaileySeptember 28th, 2009 at 7:20 pm

Nothing surprises me about Westminster Council’s parking department. With Chalkley trying to sell road signs on the back of the Beatles is laughable. Him and Goad are like Del Boy and Rodney with Brighton Cock Fitsall as Trigger.

Westminster parking department are making the whole council look like mugs.

CMCer As WellSeptember 29th, 2009 at 1:48 pm


Gawd it’s all true! Signs put up in 2003 (is that when the Beatles were recording at Abbey Road?) are being sold on Ebay.

That looks really professional guys, selling a 6 year old sign on Ebay to pay for your transport funding cock ups – Flagship Council my arse!

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