Two faced Tory Councillors want to level with the public

Today was Nutsvilles turn to choke back our tea and macaroons, as we read the latest blog post by Conservative Councillor Cllr Brian Connell. Councillor for Bayswater, Connell has posted on the Tory blog Center Right. He calls for change, skipping over the dreadful Thatcher years which created a generation for whom the making of money is the only measure of achievement, and turned vices (greed, philistinism) into virtues. Instead Connell has to delve back 40 years into the past to boost his ‘things will be different now‘ monologue. Connell who has a free city wide parking permit claims honesty as a reason for change. He says it’s vital that the Conservatives are seen as ‘governing in a way that levels with the public and treats them like adults‘. Really, does Councillor Chalkley know this, as he won’t even speak to the public? Connell goes on to tell us ‘this is the post-duck house age‘, so does that mean he will be giving back his free Westminster parking permit?

Who do we see making a comment to Connells post, but it’s only Lancaster Gate ward Councillor Andrew Smith who wants to ‘abolish quangos’. Marvellous, will he start with Danney Chalkley’s expensive Partnerships in Parking quango? Go on Andrew, this is something you have influence over now, start asking some questions about consultants fees, tendering limits and contracts awarded to Verrus, let us know what you find out?

You can tell we are warming up to an election, as Warwick ward Councillor Christabel Flight also pops up on this blog. She bigs herself up (presumably no one else would) with all the wonderful things she’s doing for the elderly. Does she mean the Council haven’t closed down any care homes recently. How many people died as a result of moving out old people Councillor Angela Harvey, who also enjoys a free parking permit and will not speak to residents? Now Christabel, wasn’t it your Council that increased meals on wheels for the elderly by 10.6 percent, along with another huge increase in the cost of Home Care. It seems that Justin Hinchcliffe’s comment is correct ‘This sounds all very good for the culturally-aware (i.e. middle-class) residents but there are a huge number of elderly council tenants who worry about the lift breaking down, anti-social neighbours, personal and home care etc.’

I bet the old folk struggling to heat their homes this winter will have a chuckle at Christabel’s handbag shaped like a car. Is it to remind herself that she also enjoys free parking throughout the borough?

Please pass us the bucket, as the hypocrisy of these Tory Councillors make us sick.

So will Cllr Brian Connell, Cllr Danney Chalkley Cllr Angela Harvey and Cllr Christabel Flight like to hand back their free parking permits now please, or would you rather justify yourselves to the electorate next May?


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MariaAugust 26th, 2009 at 4:14 pm

What’s the bet that Connell will say it’s within the rules, after all that’s all Cameron could keep repeating.

PaulAugust 26th, 2009 at 8:59 pm

You seem to have forgotten Tory Councillor Jean-Paul Floru who also lied about his free parking permit. As a reminder, he badly failed at the European elections in June, shame on him! Liars are never popular.

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Jerry (Rochester Row Resident)August 29th, 2009 at 6:59 pm

Floru did fail in a spectacular fashion – not even getting a bronze medal.
Whoever remembers the fourth place runner in a race?

As the Belgian Rene Magritte said: “ Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see.”

It’s a shame he can’t offer up any honesty about the deplorable activities of his fellow ruffian Cllr Chalkley.

Its not a loss to anyone that Floru was defeated – its only a blessing for England and St George.

Floru might like to take notice of the second verse of Le Chant des Wallons


Ps.. How is the Free Parking Permit?
It’s noted that you do not bother to have a paid for the usual Residents Permit as well. Are you really ‘working 24 hours a day for the Council?

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