58% of Westminster Conservative Councillors in parking fiddle?

Back in April we exposed the disgraceful way that Westminster City Council’s Tory Councillors had awarded themselves a free city wide parking permit (See Free parking for all in Westminster). In that post we explained that Councillors who voted to charge motorcyclists to park in Westminster had also decided to apply to be exempt from the Council’s extortionate parking charges. All they had to do was claim they were on Council business to be able to park wherever they wanted. Later that month we posted the names of the Scrutiny Committee members who have city wide free parking permits.

In May we told you that failed MEP candidate Councillor J P Floru had falsely claimed that Councillors did not enjoy free parking. Even though we had provided a link to an FOI request where he was shown as having his own free council parking permit. It seems Floru was so angry at being exposed he couldn’t resist posting this comment on our site “Councillors still have to pay for ResPark. Therefore their parking is not free. Get your facts right.” Ohhh touchy, could this be handbags at 20 paces, we don’t think so. A number of these Councillors (including Floru) were asked why they thought they deserved a free parking permit, not one of them replied!

So perhaps you would assume that all of the Conservative Councillors who have a free parking permit would also need to purchase a residents permit, as they all claim to live in Westminster, you’d be wrong. Another FOI request has revealed that of the 31 Tory Councillors who think they should not pay, only 13 of them also purchased their own residents parking permit.

So out of the 18 Tory Councillors who only have the free Council parking permit and no residents permit do you think they all benefit from off street parking? Nutsville thinks you can draw your own conclusions on that question.

But if any of the 13 Councillors who have also purchased a residents parking permit, would like to step forward and save a little respect for your greedy selves, go ahead? Tell us why you think you deserve free parking when other Councils don’t offer the same perk? Are the parking charges in Westminster so high that you can’t afford them either? Are you so skint and down on your luck that you would have to do without food?

Here’s the list of Tory Councillors who think they should not pay for parking when on Council business (and it looks like a high percentage of them don’t want to pay for parking at all):

Councillor Barrow
Councillor Richardson
Cllr Connell
Cllr Roe
Cllr Chalkley
Cllr Moss
Cllr Astaire
Cllr Burbridge
Cllr Lewis
Cllr Davis
Cllr Roberts
Cllr Warner
Cllr Nemeth
Cllr Flight
Cllr Brahams
Cllr Havery
Cllr Floru
Cllr Hampson
Cllr Hyams
Cllr Prendergast
Cllr Marshall
Cllr Lee Rowely
Cllr Nicola Aiken
Cllr Duncan Sandys
Cllr Angela Harvey
Cllr Mark Page
Cllr Ian Adams
Cllr Alan Bradley
Cllr Lindsey Hall
Cllr Blois
Cllr Keen

If you’re one of the Councillors listed above choking on your tea and macaroons, as your insatiable avarice for exploiting the system is revealed, just pause for a moment  and ponder why you are all so despised by the public. Because if it wasn’t for Councillor Chalkley’s bike parking tax this would never have come out, would it?

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Alistair (GrongoTik)August 23rd, 2009 at 4:44 pm

The introduction of the bike tax really has poked the lion in his cage. The miserable Tory councillors are yet again exposed for all to see. It would have all been so peaceful if Chakley hadn’t forced this tax through and the other sycophantic Tories had supported him, against the wishes of everyone consulted (by WCC own reckoning!)

Its interesting to see that not one of them has come forward to say why they should have a free permit to park, and even more revealing that so many of them do not have a residents parking permit for the zone they live in.
All the usual suspects are listed – Burbridge, Chalkley, Barrow, Floru (does he have a left hand drive car being Belgian?).

Setting aside the catalogue of disasters Chalkley has racked up, we have a discredited Councillor Burbridge saying bikes pollute more than Hummers, a failed MEP (Floru) who protested permits weren’t free then refused to apologise when he was proved wrong, and Councillor Barrow, up in the Crown Court for being an allegedly naughty boy.

And these are the people who have their feet under the table.


2bikersAugust 23rd, 2009 at 6:34 pm

58% of Westminster Conservative Councillors in parking fiddle?

probably only the tip of the iceberg !

S JacksonAugust 23rd, 2009 at 9:30 pm

Oh I see, so this is why Westminster councillors are always banging on about how easy it is to pay for your parking by phone… because they never actually have to use their rubbish system. I don’t see why councillors should get free parking even when on council business. If they choose to travel around by car then they should pay to park like everyone else. I know they would find it terribly difficult as it means faffing about with the Verrus Pay by Phone system but they can thank themselves for that. Maybe then they would see why the rest of us hate parking in Westminster!

SueAugust 23rd, 2009 at 9:39 pm

I almost have to read Nutsville through half closed eyes, as nearly everyday there is a new story which makes me wince. I’m so glad you link to the FOI documents, otherwise I just wouldn’t believe the goings on at the council. What are you going to publish next, I almost dare not look, but I’m hooked to see what these council shysters will do next.

David CameronAugust 24th, 2009 at 12:16 pm

Why do politicians always think they will never get found out. If they had any shred of decency left they should hand back their free parking permits today. Personally I can’t wait for Barrow’s court case next year.

PulusAugust 24th, 2009 at 4:42 pm

That list of Councillors should be very worried, there’s an election which is getting closer and closer, and we aren’t going away.

UKFRANCEAugust 24th, 2009 at 9:45 pm

This is just outrageous. It shows that quite a few Conservative councillors don’t agree with paying for parking, so why do they force motorcyclists to pay to park, when motorcycle parking is free everywhere else?

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