Westminsters’ CCTV Smart Car caught committing Road Traffic Act offence

A reader sent us some phone video footage taken yesterday in Soho’s Dean Street, it’s hilarious.

Our reader came across Westminster City Councils now infamous CCTV Smart car parked on double yellow lines. The passenger sits casually reading the paper, but where’s the driver. The engine is running but as the minutes tick by there’s still no sign of the driver. The Smart car’s passenger then spots he’s being filmed so quickly grabs a clip board, and wiggles the roof top camera. After some time the driver returns from Tescos, and now an awkward moment as he spots he’s being filmed, what should he do with his Tescos shopping. After a short moments indecision he has to take the plunge and jumps in to the Smart Car to drive away. His selfishness has also caused the anger of a few passing delivery vans, unable to unload whilst Westminster parking department do their shopping on our time.

Road Traffic Act offence of ‘quitting’ which is when a person leaves their vehicle’s engine running while they are not in it.
Negligent use of a motor vehicle -- Prosecutable

The offence is against S42 of the RTA 1988.

Quitting is dealt with by Regulation 107(1) of The Road Vehicles (Constriction and Use) Regulation 1986 (SI 1986/1078 )

Regulation 107(2)(a). This states that no person shall cause or permit to be on any road any motor vehicle which is not attended by a person duly licensed to drive it unless the engine is stopped and the parking brake is effectively set. Exemptions to the requirements of this Regulation as to the stopping of the engine include a fire brigade vehicle, the engine of which is being used for any fire brigade purpose.

We don’t think the Councils CCTV Smart Car is dual purpose, so we think it can be ruled out for use by the fire service.

Perhaps the Council can give themselves a parking ticket for the double line parking offence, as Council vehicles cannot park illegally when they go shopping. Remember this reply from the Council when we complained about their scooters taking up parking spaces:-

CEOs are exempt from specific traffic regulations when the vehicle is engaged in a parking enforcement. i.e. stopping on double yellow lines; however, the vehicle should not be parked in a manner that causes an obstruction, affect traffic flow or road safety.” (see our post: Chalkey in tax disc blunder).

Nutsville wonders what enforcement was being carried out in Tescos, could it have been an emergency doughnut run for Chalkleys morning coffee.

But what’s another few laws broken for Westminster Parking Department, they’ve already hit rock bottom, so it doesn’t really matter what they do any more does it? So what if a few CEO’s pocket cash off our French motorcycling buddies for fake on the spot fines, as they stop to read a map.

So what if the CEO’s steal from bikes and drop litter. (see our post http://nutsville.com/?p=839 )

The whole of Westminster parking department are only following their leader Chalkley who sets the morals and values for his department, we hope.

To help promote Westminster’s Councillor Danny Chalkley ‘firm, fair and excellent’ parking departments motto, we have made him a nice promotional film as a memento of the happy smart car offence. After all Every little helps!

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DaveAugust 21st, 2009 at 7:34 pm

Ha! Ha! That must be the funniest Nutsville yet!

Here we have a WCC CCTV car, caught by Nutsville double parking, with the engine running and all to get a French bread with club card points.

And there is the poor delivery driver that Danny so wants to help denied any opportunity because of his council tag-wagon taking up valuable kerb space.

Didn’t I see some recent posts with Westminster employees taking up two parking spaces (maybe its bogoff in Westminster) and then some lairy employee doing an illegal right turn at Grosvenor Place.

Is it “do as I do, or do as I say” at the Council of Idiots.

It really is the Finest* example of twats!

More than enough to make a cat laugh!

Dave Henshaw

Gerry RAugust 21st, 2009 at 8:00 pm

It’s August,
It’s hot,
It’s the silly season.


Can it really be that a Council that says that it is in the vanguard of propriety elect to employ personnel who are challenged by the simplest rules of the road and the law:

Here’s a suggestion for the McJob ‘Smart’ Cardrivers:
You do not leave the drivers seat of a car with the engine running – even if it is for a jalepeno-double with extra capsicum from the Tesco ‘Value’ range on a Thursday special.

Whilst keen to support the workplace disadvantaged, I do feel that one has draw the line somewhere.

Now – it may have been amusing to comment as I have done here, but, hey just think a minute…..!!

Westminster are employing staff with such low credentials can we really trust the Councillors who endorse the workers who they oversee?

Look at the evidence:

Parking tickets issued by Twighlight extra look-alikes.
Wardens who print tickets into their pouchs like there were diamonds at the bottom.
Limousine Liberal councillors spouting nothing but Burbidges… Statements resonating in the words of Bobby Darin ‘More than I can believe”

The public are against you, the residents are against you. You can keep your heads buried in the sand – all we see is arseholes sticking out!

In the words of the Meerkats….


Huw DunningAugust 21st, 2009 at 8:17 pm

I have been vacuously amused by the blog that is Nutsville.

I am a biker of many years. I recall the days when I could park my bike in Leicester Sq, take in a dance at the Talk of the Town and be guaranteed a two-stroke at the end of the evening ; -)

I am now older and no longer ride in any safe way a two wheeled vehicle.

I finished riding many years ago, before my wife of 34 years passed on. Nevertheless I feel compelled to write now. I am not good at public speaking so this is awkward to me.

The current Council at Westminster is ‘ P.An.Ts” (my niece told me the phrase!). I am not sure it really reflects my outrage at the offhand and cavalier way Westminster have represented their residents.

On the current evidence the incumbent Councillors are nothing short of dismal. Indolent, nobody-no-nothings. A few years ago representatives of the Council had integrity, honesty and the goodwill of the people they represented.

Am I alone in expecting the same from our current dismal crop?

BDAugust 21st, 2009 at 8:24 pm

This is beyond a joke!

Can anyone explain why Westminster comprehensively refuse to answer their own residents concerns at the introduction of the Tory Tax of Motorcycle Parkng charges?

Brian the Pregnant Duck

Andrew BennetAugust 22nd, 2009 at 2:23 pm

This is really taking the piss now! I don’t think these City of Westminster CCTV Smart cars should be allowed to park on double yellow lines even when being used for ‘enforcement purposes’, but to park on a double yellow (with engine running) while the driver goes shopping is completely out of order. If it was another vehicle (that didn’t belong to the council) they would have been ticketed instantly. Westminster needs to make sure their staff follow the rules like everyone else has to. I hope Nutsville send this video to Westminster (even though they read this blog) and makes an official complaint. Whenever Westminster breaks the law/rules, they always seem to get away with it. They need to realise that they are NOT above the law!

And as for Westminster saying that their vehicles have permission to park anywhere when being used to issue tickets, WTF? Double yellow lines are there for a reason, right? (or so we’re told). If Westminster council think that their CCTV Smart cars somehow don’t cause an obstruction when being used to milk motorists and motorcyclists, why are the yellow lines painted on the street in the first place? My scooter takes up far less space when parked next to the curb and causes no obstruction to the flow of traffic but I’m not allowed to park on double yellow lines to go shopping. I’m fed up with there being one rule for us and another for greedy Westminster. This hypocrisy has to stop!

2bikersAugust 22nd, 2009 at 2:49 pm

WCC seems to be run by a parking mafia. May be the camera car gangster was getting his protection money from Tesco ?

McMillanAugust 23rd, 2009 at 7:26 am

Words cannot express fully my contempt for this Council and the way some of the staff and Councillors behave.

MonkeyBoyAugust 24th, 2009 at 8:55 am

I am gob smacked by this video

Yet another instance of WCC staff ignoring the rules of the road – the same rules they penalise us so heavily for breaking

Wonder if WCC will ever respond to these charges?
I wonder also if WCC realise that all this grief is being heaped on them due to the actions of Desperate Danny Chalkley? Ditch the parking fees Dan, then resign and it will all go away….

Kenneth BrownAugust 24th, 2009 at 2:31 pm

Well look what I’ve found… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YVm5Tyhl4g

It’s another Westminster City Council CCTV Smart car parked illegally on a motorcycle bay while the occupant goes shopping for a KFC!

This video was uploading by a taxi driver nearly a year ago so it’s clear the Civil Enforcement Officers (traffic wardens) in Westminsters Smart Cars have been taking the piss for a long time and WCC just let it happen.

BruceAugust 8th, 2010 at 1:54 pm

They don’t like it when you turn the tables :-) http://www.youtube.com/v/cztfKB8SGCI

Hypocritically, their permits allow them to park on yellow lines and in pay bays whilst carrying out their duty, so long as they are not parked dangeorusly. In Southwark, I believe the limit is 2hrs. Surely, if it is a problem for us to stop for a few minutes, it is even worse if they sit there for hours? They are hidden so they can collect fines rather than being a visible deterrent and preventing the offences in the first place. One car in Enfield has brought in £500,000 in a year!

We can fight back drawing as much attention as possible to the vehicles in situ and filming their actions.

BruceAugust 16th, 2010 at 4:58 pm

Good news for Westminster motorists! I have discovered that, in the interests of deterrence, NSL will provide a schedule of where and when CCTV cars will be deployed. In the absence of a particular service to provide such information, you can obtain it by emailing: Simon.Green@nslservices.co.uk At my suggestion, WCC are considering posting the data on their web site. This will depend on demand, I suspect.

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