Westminster City Council and Verrus become world wide joke.

Westminster City Council parking department and their technology partners Verrus Inc, introduced a parking tax to charge all powered two wheelers to park on the streets of Westminster in August 2008.

Since that time the No To Bike Parking Tax campaign has organised bigger and bigger street demonstrations, against what is nothing more than a Tory Stealth tax for one of the cheapest, less congesting and polluting forms of transport.

Westminster and Verrus went a step further by making the whole of the city a cashless zone. They now expect bike riders to stand out in the streets sometimes in all weathers, mobile phone in one hand, credit card in the other, negotiating the appallingly bad Verrus Pay By Phone system, designed for cars.

Never mind if you don’t have a credit card or a mobile phone, there are just no practical alternatives. Westminster and Verrus leave you no choice, pay up or go somewhere else and start walking.

Verrus CEO Robin Bevan was invited to meet us at last Sundays demo after he wrote to Nutsville offering to meet. Unfortunately he was not able to make last Sundays demo to explain to all of us why the Verrus Pay By Phone system of cashless parking is so much of an improvement over what we had before, care to answer that please?

We are still using overcrowded parking bays, getting our machines damaged every day, stolen everyday. The difference is now we have the Verrus system is that we are paying for the privilege. We are still getting fined, now twice as often as before (PCN’s are still issued at twice the rate before Verrus), whilst making Westminster and Verrus that much richer, thanks Cllr Chalkley.

The door is still open for Robin Bevan to have a meeting with the Chairman of the campaign, Warren Djanogly chairman@notobikeparkingtax.com. I’m sure he would love to discuss Pay By Phone security, the tendering operation and of course contracts, the ball is in your court Verrus.

OnSight Video have helped out  with equipment loans and produced another fantastic film from last Sunday’s demonstration, which shows just what happens when a council ignore it’s residents and the general public.

Remember Westminster have had thousands of objections to Verrus Pay By Phone for bike parking and not one, no not one letter of support.

The unofficial Forum (www.torytax.com), can be found here http://www.torytax.com

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McMillanAugust 20th, 2009 at 6:15 pm

Brilliant video, thanks to OnSight for giving up your time.

I look forward to Verrus answering the question you ask, why is the Verrus pay by phone scheme so great for bikers?

2bikersAugust 20th, 2009 at 7:59 pm

a message to Verrus shareholders : sell, sell, sell !!

ConsideringLeavingAugust 21st, 2009 at 9:36 am

Thanks to all involved, great video and great demo. As far as I’m concerned Verrus are getting payback for their part in the greed of following Westminster Council in taxing motorcyclists to park.

I bet Verrus rue the day they decided to look at PTW commuters as a revenue stream, this campaign is making them look like right pricks, specially as Robin Bevan offered to meet but then blew it out. He’s obviously not that bothered or would find too many searching questions a tad too awkward.

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