Councillor Frixos Tombolis arranges bikers to be clamped in West End.

A reader has sent us a leaflet shoved through her door produced by Westminster West End ward councillor Frixos Tombolis. In it Frixos proudly proclaims that through the councils estate office he’s arranged to have bikers clamped, yes we said bikers! We checked recently around the area he claims to have purged of bikers, we saw plenty of motorcycles and scooters parked around, but no sign of any bikers, clamped or not. We guess the bikers have refused to stand still long enough for the council to clamp them.

Frixos, look no nasty bikers!

Frixos, look no nasty bikers!

Frixos was one of the Conservative Councillors which voted back in March 2009 to keep charging PTW’s to park on the streets of Westminster. Local residents, who he was supposed to represent were amazed that Frixos failed to speak for them at the meeting. Tombolis knew there were 100′s of residents who had signed a petition firmly against the the charges for on street scooter and motorcycle parking, yet he failed to mention a word of this to the Scrutiny Committee.

Tombolis has a record of lying to the residents, in July 2007 he was hauled before the Standards committee for lying to the Soho Society. That time he falsly claimed that there were no representations from residents or parties like the Soho Society in opposition to a Licence application. Tombolis was censured and not allowed to sit on any further committees, that is until the next election. Unfortunately the weasel remains on the Scrutiny Committee where he continues to this day ignoring the residents.

We call Tombolis a weasel as this is the first time we know of him putting out a flyer advertising anything he’s done in his ward. This is such a cynical move so soon after the sad death of his fellow ward councillor Ian Wilder. Could there be a local election coming up! Tombolis forgets to mention in his flyer that the problem of pavement parking was entirely created by him and his fellow conservative councillors for bringing in another Tory stealth Tax on PTW’s in the first place.

If you would like to get in touch with Frixos Tombolis he can be reached on this mobile number 07515119233 or at this email address


Frixos flyer

Tombolis censured document

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Dr David SachenAugust 13th, 2009 at 6:49 pm

Hold up…!

You seem to suggest that Frixos deliberately withheld residents objections. Are you sure of your facts?

I am going to ask our Covent Garden RA at the next meeting if the objections we sent to the introduction of this tax we relayed to the committee.

It would be a nail in their coffin of the Westminster Tories if our written objections were not actually passed on to the Council.

Susan D'anconaAugust 13th, 2009 at 7:19 pm

I just write as a member of Vale Royal residents. We have trouble with drug users, drunks and other unwelcome intruders to our estate.
Since the introduction of this charge we have seen our common areas plagued by motorcycles.
Frixos, how short-sighted are you? Do you really represent us, or you just dancing to Danny and his tune? Listen to the residents for a change instead!!
Happy to have a meeting with our RA. You will find they are 110% against the charge. Let the secretary of our association know when you can make it to a meeting so you can justify your position.

NutsAugust 13th, 2009 at 11:36 pm

Dr David Sachen, what Nutsville is saying here is that Tombolis did not speak up for the overwhelming majority of the residents that he represents. At the March 31st Scrutiny Committee meeting Tombolis waffled on about HGV emissions but never said a word about all of the residents that actively objected to charging for PTW’s to park, and there were 100′s that objected, we have proof.
Tombolis has yet to come up with a truthful reason for not supporting the residents that elected him. We challenge him to do so, with proof that he was acting on behalf of the majority of residents in the West End Ward, and not as we know in accordance with Conservative party wishes.

Please also note that everything we publish here has never been legally challenged by Westminster City Council, and we back up what we say with the source documents.

Tombolis is as useless to the residents of his ward as we say he is, and his track record backs our statement up, the man represents only his own interests and not those of the residents.

NutsAugust 13th, 2009 at 11:41 pm

Please also note that Westminster City Council are on record for saying that not one Residents Association objected to the charging of PTW’s to park on the street. You need to speak to Kevin Goad as he is complicit in the cover up.

MartinAugust 14th, 2009 at 9:25 am

According to the formal Report to the Scrutiny Committee by the Parking Department, there were only three (3) “Associations” who are recorded as having lodged Objections – Westminster Society, the Federation of Pimlico and MAG.

Regarding the Petition started in the West End Ward, it was recorded as just ONE Objection in the official numbers, and variously reported in the formal Report as having either 296 signatures or 310 signatures? Of the well over 300 actual signatories to this Petition (which called for “sufficient and secure parking provision for motorcyclists, for free”, at least 100 were Westminster Residents, with the majority of those being from the West End Ward. Westminster also published the PRIVATE address of the “Lead Petitioner” in their official “Response” to the Petition, without asking any permission.

PaulAugust 14th, 2009 at 11:32 am

If Westminster want to put an end to all these gossips which reveal stuff that they have been doing behind the back of their own residents, all they have to do is scrap the bike parking tax. Simple! So Councillor Chalkley, please take action!

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