Westminster Labour councillors launch major enquiry into parking

Today saw Councillor Paul Dimodenberg (Leader of Westminster Labour Group) announce plans to set up a parking forum and a major enquiry into Westminster’s revenue earning parking scams.

In a letter published in todays West End Extra he says:

Everyone knows that Westminster’s parking operations are in a very poor state.

No matter whether you are a motorcyclist faced with the only local council in the united kingdom that charges for on-street parking, or a resident in St John’s Wood or Queen’s Park who is now competing for a parking space with casual visitors, or a motorist faced with a 33 percent increase in parking charges in Marylebone, the story is one of anger.

On top of this, the city council is now faced with a £850,000 bill and thousands of pounds more in lost income thanks to the failure to comply with Department of Transport regulations on the size of CCTV camera images.

Like everyone else Labour councillors are fed up with Westminster City Council’s parking policies and we are now launching a major enquiry.

We are setting up a “Parking Forum” and we are keen to hear from residents about what changes they would like to see. We also want residents to join up for the forum so that we can jointly put forward ideas for a Westminster parking regime that is just about practicalities of parking and not about raising as much money as possible for the council.

Please send me your ideas and suggestions to pdimoldenberg@hotmail.co.uk

Let me know too, if you would like to join the parking forum.

CLLR Paul Dimoldenberg

Leader of the Labour Group

Westminster City Council

Nutsville says, hell why not Paul, with Councillors such as Danny Chalkley, Colin Barrow and Angela Harvey refusing to even speak to residents about parking what have the residents of Westminster got to lose.

We can think of quite a few things we would like to change, but we will just kick off with one idea. For every parking ticket successfully appealed the council should pay compensation equal to the fine, plus costs in time and expense fighting the council. If that were to happen the council would soon stop dragging their feet over incorrect signs and stop many of the dishonest practices carried out by their CEO’s and officers overnight. We want the council to be honest and open, no more spin.

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