Westminster Council double speak

Two simple freedom of information questions were asked:-

  1. Why are electric motorcycles not required to pay the parking tax like other motorcyclists?

2.       If Westminster council states that the motorcycle parking is not based on emission levels, then why are electric motorcycles exempt from the parking tax on the basis that they take the same amount of parking space?

Westminster’s clear as mud answers:-

1. The reason electric motorcycles are allocated free parking is because the City Council wanted to address the greener issue, regardless of how much space a vehicle uses. Westminster is one of the worst air pollution hotspots in the UK with around 80% of particulates coming from road traffic. Due to this a decision by the Council was made to consider a system of differential charging based on emission levels. Electric vehicles park for free because they produce zero tailpipe emissions. As a result, they do not contribute the high levels of air pollution we have in central London.

2. Westminster’s decision to introduce a charge for motorcycles as stated was not based on environmental or congestion related concerns, but to address the ever-increasing demand for Westminster’s limited kerbside space and due to the reason above electric motorcycles were exempted.

So it’s not about emissions, it’s about kerb space, but then it is about emissions, well they are not really sure why they brought in the bike parking tax. It doesn’t matter to Westminster what the carbon foot print is of building, running and then eventually disposing of these electric scooters, as they just want to give a token nod to being green without losing any parking revenue. This is because hardly anyone has one of these electric scooters.

But what’s the betting Westminster will do what they did in the City of London when electric cars became to popular, hike up the charges to the same as any other petrol powered car.

If the decision to force bikes to pay for parking is not about environmental concerns, why on earth did Cllr Batty Burbridge feel the need to produce false documents about pollution at the 31st March Scrutiny Committee meeting. Which shamefully the so called chairwomen Cllr Angela Harvey did absolutely nothing about at the time or since, was she in on the lie as well? Since she’s not answering her emails we assume she is.

What idiots we have representing us, oh well we’re off to plant a tree now


FOI request


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V for Very pissed off residentJuly 8th, 2009 at 9:26 pm

They just lie through their teeth as long as it suits what they want to do. When they get found out they wheel out some runt nobody, like Onesize Fitsall, to take the brunt. Self-serving shits.

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