Westminster City Council: Income is all that matters.

Westminster City Council doesn’t mind getting in to bed with private companies, in fact it revels in it. The  25th of May saw press releases spreading the word about Zipcar (yet another American company) working hand in hand with Westminster Council to provide shared car services.

Quoted in the Irish Times, Keiran Fitsall, Westminster Parking Manager:

He declined to outline the financial arrangements of the award, but said Zipcar would pay an unspecified “marketing bounty” to the council.

That’s the bottom line, Westminster are out to bring in cash wherever they can so they can continue to pay themselves ridiculous bonuses (Barrow and his £47,000 not in the least – He might need that for his court appearance) BUT keep Council Tax low for residents.

The More4 News team revealed via an FOI request that Westminster bonuses paid to themselves equated to a mammoth £39 per Westminster Council Tax payer!

There’s probably nothing illegal, underhand, unethical, immoral or self serving in any of this, but then that’s exactly what all the self serving, cheating, lying, unethical, immoral MP’s said.

This insular, self serving attitude isn’t what people seem to be wanting these days. In times of financial difficulty we are all in need of tightening our belts and doing a bit extra. Westminster Councils way of doing a bit extra seems to mean squeeze more money out of taxpayers, visitors and lately motorcyclists (www.notobikeparkingfees.com) so they can have as much bunce as possible.

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Remember Colin Barrow’s (Westminster Councils Leader) letter in West End ExtraOur duty is to ensure every penny counts” – It really sounds like it!

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