“welcome your thoughts” message angers public

This week a company called WSP Group sent out a spam email advertising the new reduced bike parking charges to the unfortunate users of Westminster City Councils Verrus supplied ‘Pay By Phone’ bike parking tax. Many end users discovered the email sitting in their spam folders, as the monkey sending the mail out neglected to include a subject in her email.

But instead of cheering up Westminster residents, commuters and workers the intent of the email has backfired on Westminster. The email has sparked a growing Internet debate, revealing the anger and resentment the email has caused. Many readers are annoyed that their personal email addresses have been passed on to yet another expensive third party consultancy company by Westminster City Council, without their permission. Are WCC just as cavalier with their credit card information, which is already being processed offshore by Verrus.

The email sent by Roberta Silver of WSP Group contained no postal address or contact details, but claimed to be from Amanda Jones of yet another company, West One. If only WCC could have used a professional company with some experience of sending out mass emails, they might have found one which could include the correct details in the email body. When we tried to speak to Roberta Silver we were told she had just left the office, perhaps she was also in a hurry to send out a legitimate email to WCC’s paying customers. But Roberta seems to have found time to include a joke paragraph at the end of her spam email”


This e-mail is confidential to the named recipient. If you have received a copy in error, please destroy it. You may not use or disclose the contents of this e-mail to anyone, nor take copies of it. The only copies permitted are (1) by the named recipient and (2) for the purposes of completing successful electronic transmission to the named recipient and then only on the condition that these copies, with this notice attached, are kept confidential until destruction.

Opps, hope you didn’t read the above paragraph, we may have broken a law now. No doubt Councillor Chalkley will be on the phone to the police right now, he just loves using up their time. So Westminster want to tell you about their new tax rate and that you can object, but for gawds sake don’t tell anyone else.

But what’s really angered readers was Amanda’s line: “To ensure we have a full and balanced view of opinions on this scheme we would of course welcome your thoughts”.

With not one letter of support for the bike parking tax, but thousands in opposition, one might conclude that perhaps Amanda Jones has been out of the Country for the last year. Let’s hope she can get up to speed pretty dam quick, before she puts her name to another ridiculous email.

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upyoursMay 28th, 2009 at 2:06 pm

There will come a stage where nothing will actually be done by Westminster Council, everything will be done by third parties with their noses in the trough.

Dr G MahmoudMay 28th, 2009 at 9:27 pm

Yet again Westminster ignores a remarkable expression of independent public opinion, notwithstanding their own residents who vehemently oppose the tax.

Its patent that Westminster no longer really represents what most people (residents) think.
The growing gulf between governors and governed is, of course, nothing new as the Shirley Porter experience makes clear.

Alarms should be ringing when a Council so deliberately ignores its own residents. I can’t think there is a conspiracy here with Westminster, just slack Councillors who have more idea of their own self-esteem than reality has shown them to exhibit.

I’m sorry to say that Westminster is not fit for purpose which is a shame as there are a number of sound, reliable Councillors who are being dragged down by the selfish minority bullies at Westminster.

ResidentMay 29th, 2009 at 11:57 am

The more we dig in the more we find out… Great stuff, keep up the good work, those Councillors will end up losing their jobs for what they’ve been doing.

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