The peasants are revolting

Westminster's revolting peasants

Westminster's revolting peasants

For some time there has been a measured response from residents in relation to the introduction of this lamentable bike parking tax. Up until now, the residents had relied on the Councillors to articulate their concerns at the introduction of the stealth charge and to express their concerns over the continuing levy for parking.

Nutsville has learned that many of the resident’s views in respect of the introduction of the tax were not only ignored but that they were deliberately concealed from other officers in order to skew the vote for the tax.

Nutsville has documents from residents addressed to  two councillors on the scrutiny committee detailing their objections to the introduction of the tax.

Interestingly, the Councillors concerned failed to mention the communication, despite, in the case of one of them, having had a face to face meeting with a representative of the residents only three days before the scrutiny committee.

More  as soon as it comes….”

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ConsideringLeavingMay 13th, 2009 at 7:30 pm

Jeez… And this is the same scrutiny committeee where that hag of a chairwoman insisted on asking every speaking opponent of the tax if they were a resident?

Not one councilor, so called representative of Westminster residents, brought it up? With that and the rest of the bullshit that went on at that scrutiny committee meeting it’s easy to see how they have pushed this through misleading the public all the way.

It looks like the lack of morals and ethics doesn’t stop with member of parliament!

David HMay 13th, 2009 at 7:52 pm

Wow! This looks very bad for Westminster. For them to deliberately conceal objections from residents resonates the days of Shirley Porter and the scandalous cavalier attitude of that time.

At a time when the ‘other’ Westminster is in such a mess with their expenses, it looks like the council most local to Parliament is exposed as a twisting, scurrilous council at best, and at worst a thieving, two-faced, dishonest bunch not to be trusted to run a bath.
The more this goes on, the more Chalkely is exposed as a duplicitous, untrustworthy idiot who fails to see beyond his inflated ego.

He will no doubt bleat on about the savings Westminster have made and that the charge is reasonable and fair and that…

I can’t be bothered to say more as I am overflowing with contempt for the arrogant, self-serving councillors who ever thought this scheme would have legs.

TerryMay 13th, 2009 at 8:12 pm

I’m sure all the Councillors will read this at Westminster City Council, I can imagine this will be as welcome as offering ice at a party on the Titanic.

Now that the public know how politicians behave, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn next that all those Conservative councillors who voted for this Tory Stealth Tax have been offered a free trip to America from Verrus for all their dishonest work, just like they already have with head of parking Alistair Gilchrist

I bet Councillor Burbridge only got offered a Corby Trouser Press though.

A DavisMay 14th, 2009 at 11:09 am

Are any Westminster residents members or supporters of the campaign? Just one of them organising a petition demanding either action or a FULL survey of opinion from Westminster residents, with all information and correspondence made public under FOI, would do wonders.

Remember that Westminster’s committee meeting on the 31st March focussed largely on the impact of the charge on residents, regardless of how much actual information Kieran Fitsall had managed to collect. And Westminster council are answerable to the views of their voters ABOVE ALL.

NutsMay 14th, 2009 at 11:38 am

There are many residents of Westminster who actively oppose this tax on bike parking. A petition was presented by the residents to the Scrutiny Committee. But, Councillor Angela Harvey made a decision to ignore any and all opposition to the tax from the residents of Westminster. As did many other councillors, this will not be dropped or allowed to be brushed aside, and ALL councillors and officers will face the music. We have concrete proof of which ones lied to the public and their own colleagues.

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