Westminster Council says you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours

Yesterday we published a post titled “Westminster’s latest intimidation stunt backfires on Councillor Chalkley“describing how a few drinks hauliers had been conned into sending template letters provided by Westminster City Council, to the organisers of the No To Bike Parking Fees campaign group.

A day later, and so far only these five companies or groups were persuaded to blindly send out the councils letter attempting to call off next Mondays anti bike parking fees demonstration:-

Kerry Tottman
PA to Sharon Davies
Director of Corporate Affairs
DHL Express UK & Ireland

178-188 Great South West Road
Hounslow, Middlesex
United Kingdom
Email: kerry.tottman@dhl.com

Frazer Praag
Fleet Team Manager
KN Drinks Logistics
Email: frazer.praag@kuehne-nagel.com

Natalie Chapman
Regional Policy Manager
London, South East & East of England
Freight Transport Association
Email: nchapman@fta.co.uk

John Crosk
Operations Manager
Tradeteam Ltd
Stockingswater Lane
Middx EN3 7PZ
Email: John.Crosk@tradeteam.com

Robin Parr-Davies
Express Director
UK Express Networks Forum

What do you think the motivation could be for a small group of drinks delivery organisations to complain about a protest taking place at 6:30 in the evening, when they were not working in the West End?

Well could it be because there is a newly developed vehicle tracking technology which will now be used in London’s pub trade to help stop beer delivery drivers getting so many parking tickets in Westminster.
Trucks using the new tracker will have a message sent to Westminster Council ahead of a driver’s delivery to a particular pub to request short-term exemption from parking restrictions outside the premises.
This will automatically be granted through a server held at the council, who will create a temporary, ‘virtual’ loading bay outside the pub and will also alert parking attendants in the area, via their hand-held computers, not to issue tickets to the delivery vehicle. Tradeteam who are part of DHL are known to be working on the new trial scheme in Westminster.
Why are Westminster City Council spending more time looking after their business cronies than serving the citizens of Westminster which they are supposed to serve?

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John PotcnikMay 7th, 2009 at 11:39 am

I emailed these people and I’ve yet to get a response. What have they got to hide?

[...] yesterday we made a post titled ‘Westminster Council says you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours‘ where we speculated on what possible motive could the drinks delivery industry have for [...]

PolMay 7th, 2009 at 1:08 pm

Alongside the protest I would encourage an appraoch to also push for an indepth enquiry into the business and financial dealings between Westminster City Council and ALL contracted out parking related services. Over a six month period covering the later part of 2008 and early 2009 I made several reports to Westminster about what appeared to be illegal parking of up to 5 vehicles EVERY day and ALL day long on my street. Whilst I did not see money changing hands, there seemed to be an ‘arrangement in place’ to facilitate this illegal parking. Westminster Parking Services constantly alluded to a permit existing for these vehicles. Enforcement officers would regularly pass the street, look at the vehicles and walk away. No tickets were EVER issued. I finally got Winsminster to admit that there was, in fact, no permit in place for any of these vehicles.

THis is just one example of one set of rules for one group and a different set of rules in Westminster for the general public. The above example of automatically creating temporary loading bays is another such example. However shady dealings appear to extend beyond the public face of Westminster Parking with contracts seemingly awarded on a preferential basis back along the line as far along as debt recovery and bailiffs.

My own car was clamped illegally three times last year for PCN’s under appeal. My car was damaged by one clamper and this clamper also used superglue to afix a NEW notice AFTER he was instructed by Northamption County Court to remove the illegal clamp. In the past few weeks I was visited by yet another bailiff demanding a large payment for another PCN under appeal. All my appeals have been allowed and so there was never any legal basis to issue ANY of these PCN’s. My experience is that Westminster use tactics of intimidation and harrassment. They knowingly allow the use of companies and individuals for illegal purpose and who are, in every respect, thugs.

It is time to challenge all this. The motorbike parking campaign should be rolled out to an all-encompassing campaign against corruption at Westminster. We, the victims of this treatment should be compensated and the perpetrators should be investigated for criminal intent and actions.

Of course, the voters in Westminster have much to answer for in consistantly voting in a Tory Council at Westminster. ‘No To Bike Parking Fees’ and as many other protest groups should field candidates at the next local elections.

[...] of trying to shut up the NTBPT by attempting to shut down their street protests, their forum, writing template letters for companies such as DHL and Tradeteam Ltd., to send to the NTBPT asking them not to protest. Even [...]

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