Another lie exposed

Westminster City Council have always stated that the embarrassingly large amount of cash they’ve raised from fining and charging bikes to park would always go back into future transport initiatives.

“The motorcycle charging scheme has been designed to be revenue-neutral. Local authorities are legally bound to reinvest all income from parking fees and charges in the transport infrastructure.”

Many protesters have tried to pin Westminster City Council down on where exactly they were going to spend their ill gotten gains. Would the money be ring-fenced? Would it go to help bike and scooter parking in Westminster?

NoTo committee members have now unearthed the truth, Westminster City Council have been lying all along.

Taken from Westminster City Councils latest Parking Services – Annual Performance 2007/08 document, page 9 shows that only 61% goes towards transport.

Supposedly revenue neutral

Supposedly revenue neutral

Only 61% for transport

Only 61% for transport

How many more lies have to come from Westminster Councillors and their officers before we have a proper independent investigation, focusing very closely on the antics of Councillor Chakley. We say independent, as recent experience has shown their own scrutiny committee can’t scrutinise. They ignored the overwhelming factual evidence put before them to only push through their own self serving agenda.


Westminster Motorcycle Charging Policy Notes

Parking Services – Annual Performance 2007/08

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