Chakley blames Pay By Phone on Albanian mafia

In a 2008 council meeting Chalkley was asked by Cllr Glenys Roberts what people should do if they cannot use the pay by phone parking system.

Councillor Glenys Roberts to the cabinet member for economic development and transportation

What arrangements are being made for people wishing to park on the street for a short period who simply can’t fathom the cashless parking system, particularly those from out of town who want to shop?  This is causing damage to businesses both large and small.

Councillor danny knobcheese chalkley

I’m afraid that we are moving to cashless parking.  The decision has been taken.  In those areas where it has already been rolled out very successfully we have seen an increase in cash generated from this.  This is Council taxpayers money which would otherwise have been siphoned off by members of the Albanian mafia.  So, I’m afraid I can’t give the assurance that we are now going to reverse that step.

Albanian Mafia makes offer to Chalkley he can't refuse

Albanian Mafia makes offer to Chalkley



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