Westminster Councillor Burbridge lies to Scrutiny Committee

On the 31st March 2009 Westminster City Council held its Built Environment, Policy and Scrutiny Committee meeting, supposedly to decide on the facts and merits (if any) of keeping the experimental tax for scooters and motorcycles to keep paying for parking in Westminster. The meeting turned to farce when Conservative Councillor Susie Burbridge waved a single sheet of paper in the air, claiming it to be a French report which concluded that “Motorcycles, even small ones, are more polluting than Hummers”.

Burbridge had already disgraced herself by sending out several sexists emails to members of the public enquiring about the Tory stealth tax. Despite numerous requests asking for this obviously biased councillor to be removed from the Scrutiny Committee, she was left on to further disgrace herself and her political party.

After the meeting both Burbridge and the Committee Chairwomen (Angela Harvey) were asked for a copy of this so called report, neither of them replied. After an FOI request it finally emerges that there was no such report held by the council.

It seems to us that the days of Shirley Porter are very much alive and well in the halls of Westminster City Council. we have arrogant Councillors acting for their own ends, ignoring the residents and other stake holders wishes, and now we see they are even prepared to lie, exposing what a complete and utter sham the Scrutiny Committee meeting was.


FOI request proving Burbridge lied

YouTube video where Burbridge lies to committee


No To Bike Parking Fees main website

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ConsideringLeavingApril 15th, 2009 at 7:04 pm

Despicable… I’m deeply sorry that Burbridge has pulled this remarkable piece of deceit because of how it reflects on Conservative HQ, particulalry at this time where Labour advisors are being singled out for deceit and lies. This harms the Tory position with regard to their, rightful, attacks on Damian McBride with his lies.

Basically, how can David Cameron attack Damian McBride for lying when Cllr. Burbridge has done exactly the same?

I say get rid of all of the current Westminster councilors for bringing the party into disrepute.

Alice CorbinApril 16th, 2009 at 11:04 am

I am rather amazed that Councilor Burbridge has felt it necessary to have to steep so low. If she was so sure of her facts why did she not provide a copy of this report, would it not have been the honest thing to do. She does seem a women who is out of control, and causing a lot of damage to the party.
I do hope that there are more senior Conservative politicians able to intervene with Westminster City Council, and put them back on the straight and narrow.

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