Conservatives still spinning over bike parking tax

Six times a year Conservative controlled Westminster City Council propaganda spin merchants publish a full colour glossy magazine called the Westminster Reporter. This is sent out to Westminster residents and businesses whether they want it or not. In true Tory tradition Westminster’s poor residents get to stump up the bill for this Conservative propaganda rag at a cost so far of £500,000, and rising.

Westminster's own Tory puppet in a scooter

Westminster Tory puppet Peter Moore

The Reporters latest edition see an increasingly desperate Conservative party trying to put a spin on the overwhelmingly unpopular charging for bike parking experiment by using the services of Peter Moore, Westminster’s Town Crier. Moore, who lives in Wandsworth was the only person Westminster’s spin machine could find who uses two wheels and still supports the bike tax.  The Westminster employee says in his interview “New spaces cropping up everywhere, and stands and ground anchors for better security. Now I can ride into central London with the confidence that I’ll find somewhere safe to park. I’m happy to pay for that.”.  Really, you managed to find those ground anchors then, and what time of day did you breeze in to central London to find these new spaces cropping up everywhere? The interview he gives seems as if it was written by the interviewer (Ian Pithouse) and not by someone who after appearing on national BNP leaflets is reported as saying “I want people to know that, the role of town crier is supposed to be non-political.”, we don’t think so Peter. We think you’re a fraud, and very much a puppet of your political masters.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said:

“There needs to be a fundamental review of expenditure at City Hall. Spending over £3 million a year on a bloated team of ’spin doctors’ to peddle Conservative propaganda in the ‘Westminster Reporter’ is total disgrace when residents are losing their jobs and homes. And lavishing £23,000 on a flash Civic Dinner is completely obscene. The Conservatives just don’t get it – the party is well and truly over but they keep spending public money on themselves regardless of economic reality.”

Mark Blackburn, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for the new Westminster North constituency said: “The Liberal Democrats will discontinue ‘Westminster Reporter’. This would save the council an estimated £900,000 over four years. We calculate that to be worth around £2 off the average Council Tax bill.What is more, we’d not consume an estimated 165 metric tonnes of paper. A LibDem-run Westminster council would take the environment a lot more seriously than the current Conservatives.”

We say, It’s time the Westminster Conservative party stopped using residents money to pay for this crap to be pushed through our letter boxes, and started telling the public how things really are. Westminster City Council have seen the biggest opposition in it’s history to the introduction of charging bike and scooters to park. We have witnessed Tory Councillors ignore the residents wishes and wave around discredited surveys at the last Scrutiny Committee meeting. It’s time Councilor Barrow stopped sitting on the fence and took action to put an end to the hypocrisy he presides over now.



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Pal625April 11th, 2009 at 5:18 pm

Goddamitall… I have to agree with Liberal councilors now. Mind you, with WCC dicks doing this sort of stuff I’ll be agreeing with the BNP councilors commenting on WCC’s spin next (God save me from that!).

Barrow needs to step in before this gets even more ludicrous. Chalkley and the team are messing this up and more and more people are beginning to look at Westminster Council in a new light. Supposedly saving money on the face of it but then we have expensive propaganda, gas guzzler lease cars, members pushing false ‘scientific’ reports as evidence, Chalkley branding motorcyclists ‘rogues’… And that’s not the half of it, how long are these idiots going to be allowed to go? Not until they’ve disgraced the whole Tory party?

MrCApril 15th, 2009 at 10:40 am

There where thousands of bikers that turned up at the stering commity meting. All wanted the TAX scraped. I live in Lambeth and they need this sort of money not Westminster. But while Westminster Council is allowed to suck the life out of sorunding councils like Lambeth, other areas of London will remain so poor that you get reduced stamp duty if you buy a property in the area!

I think it discracefull to use an employee of Westminster Council (someone they havent layed off that is) to advertise what is prity much a univesaluy hated TAX.

TARzanApril 15th, 2009 at 12:04 pm

So Peter Moore is non-political? Why is he being whored to promote this Tory Stealth Tax then?

This almost constant two-faced council of Westminster has to be the most hypocritical of any council out there.

Pissed off residentApril 15th, 2009 at 12:26 pm

Non political, rubbish, Peter moore is a typical old tory, look at all the free civic lunches he goes to. This guy would tun up to the opening of a wet paper bag if there was a free meal and drink in it for him. Nothing he says can be believed, he is an utter disgrace. Another one who doesn’t live in Westminster but is arrogant enough to speak for us residents.

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