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You may have read from one of our earlier posts about the Westminster Tory Councillors Civic Lunch this Sunday. Even though Westminster are sacking 200 workers after a bungled Icelandic bank investment which lost £17 million of tax payers cash, Tory Councillors insist on having their £23000 slap up Civic Dinner this Sunday. The Tory’s are trying to explain away blowing tax payers money treating themselves and friends as “thanking members of the community”. However the invited guest list of ‘great and not so good’ include six Ambassadors. We wonder if any of the invited Ambassadors are from the embassies which are refusing to pay the capital’s congestion charge and parking tickets. Now that would be embarrassing.

Perhaps of more concern to Mr and Mrs Chalkley should be those mysterious rogue motorcycle protesters. We do hope none of the low paid catering staff on the day have received a parking ticket as a result of Chalkley’s Tory Stealth Tax. The stories you read are sometimes enough to put you off eating out.


Here’s your revised menu, sent in from one of those angry members of the catering staff.

Tory Civic Dinner Menu

Tory Civic Dinner Menu

Bon Appétit Chalkley

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David HApril 1st, 2009 at 9:58 pm

LOL ! Thats very good.

YPu should write this stuff publicly!

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