BBC presenter JoAnne Good caught out by Wesminster ‘pay by phone’ tax.

BBC London breakfast show presenter JoAnne Good was caught by Westminster City Council’s ‘Pay by Phone’ trial scheme last Saturday.

JoaAnne Good and Matilda

JoaAnne Good and Matilda

JoAnne described on air how she needed to visit an emergency vet in Pimlico, as her dog Matilda had a closed eye. Parking right outside her vet’s she rushed inside and punched in her details to pay for parking keeping one eye on her car for Westminster’s notorious over zealous parking wardens. Whilst her dog was being examined JoAnne was gobsmacked to receive a text back from the Westminster’s parking robot telling her payment had been rejected.

Sure enough when JoAnne got outside to her car she found that a Westminster parking attendant had slapped a fine on it.

Angry JoAnne said on her show “I can’t believe we’ve allowed this to happen, you can only park if you have a mobile phone. If I could have I would have happily put 50 pence in a machine”

Well JoAnne some of us are doing something about this, come join us on our next protest if you like, visit for more details.

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HarryMarch 16th, 2009 at 1:01 pm

Petition against the discriminatory method of payment! Alastair Gilchrist is to blame! –

RobinMarch 17th, 2009 at 10:59 am

Has anyone else heard of Canadian research claims that the proximity of dogs can somehow affect the otherwise utterly flawless operation of text parking systems?

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